The Friday Sketch Group!

The Friday Sketch Group usually meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month. Some of the same suspects show up, too. It’s fun!

✒ Feb. 28, 2020 – Serendipity Cafe & Tea, Lebanon, ORGreat road trip! Laura, Katie, Danita, Sandy, Barb So, Daisy, Lynda, Hugh (& Jane behind the camera). “Sketching first!” we said.

   Here’s how Laura’s sketches turned out.

   Katie had fun with the colorful flowers on her cup & saucer.

   Danita was ambitious in sketching three of them! Wow. Cute, too.

     Sandy included the teapot on the warmer along with the curvy cup.

     Barb So’s light hand with watercolor was ideal for her sketch.

      Daisy said, “These designs are harder than you think!” Well done.

      Lynda fell in love with the rose in her cup, can you tell?

   Hugh conquered the tea itself before turning to the designs.

   Jane turned her cup on its side, but it wasn’t any easier that way!

    Then it was time for tea, followed by scones warm from the oven.

      Soup & sandwiches or salad & lettuce rolls; scones with lemon curd, and whipped cream (strawberry jam also available. Great place!


✒ Feb. 14, 2020 – Nana’s Caffé/Coburg Pizza Co., Coburg, OR

     It was a chilly overcast day, and if it weren’t for Peggy, there would be no photos of sketchers! Here are Jane, Lynda, Barb So at work.

     Sandy sketched what was in front of her – coffee & scone! Yum!

      Daisy did her coffee, but then drew the fireplace bellows. Nice!

   Laura sketched the display above her as well as the hanging lantern.

   Lynda started with the wall hanger, then went on to the lantern, too.

      Bev had fun with the hanging lights and the wall artifacts.

      Katie finished her bird-of-paradise, & a tribute to Laura’s chocolates.

      Barb So was trying to think of red things to sketch for Valentine’s.

      Marsha brought work done in a class she’s taking – WOW!

      Carol’s taking a class, too; here practicing shading & contour.

   Hugh went from inside to out – clever angle there, buddy!

      Peggy focused outside all together – love the sway of those trees.

      Jane figured out a way to incorporate one of Laura’s chocolates!

✒ Jan. 24, 2020 – Nana’s Caffé/Coburg Pizza Co., Coburg, OR

Here we are, surrounded by rustic reminders: Serge, Barb So., Sandy, Marsha, Hugh, Katie, Michelle, Jim S., Bev, Peggy, Lona, & Daisy.

   Then those from the most recent sketch trip to Italy greeted each other with excitement, reminiscing, & sketch sharing.

      Remember this? & Daisy brought her quilt of Italy sketches to show.

        Barb So got a lot in her sketch – the quince branch, the sketchers at the next table, Daisy’s quilt, and her cup of coffee! Nice combo.

      Not all of us were focused on the room (or Italy, for that matter) – Serge was revisiting Edinborough, Scotland. Wonderful values here.

      Sandy captured Bev & Peggy sketching in the window, as well as the wonderful rock fireplace and decor. Lovely having the fire, too.

      Marsha had a similar view from a slightly different angle. Nice handling of perspective! Will there be color added? Check back.

      There’s no question of whether there will be color when Hugh’s the sketcher! Here he uses white pen, then wax crayons direct to paper.

      Bev was a model in many respects – the subject of sketching, and accomplishing three sketches herself: Jane, window & tree!

      Of course it was a tree that caught Peggy’s eye. Nice pencil treatment, and so much depth with cross-hatching shadows.

      Jane immediately took advantage of the quince branch Michelle brought, then added framed vignettes. Nice lantern & barbed wire!

      It’s always such a treat when Michelle can join us, and she had such fun sketching the quince branch…now what, she said…

          Jim S. bravely ventured using his watercolors, to great effect. Then he took on Michelle’s question to help her add twists of the branch.

      Lona’s preparing to teach a watercolor lesson in Mexico on her vacation, and here she gets a head start on the subject – wow!

       Katie was intrigued with the bird-of-paradise task, and tried her hand at it, too. Interesting to see the differing style approaches.

      But it’s not over for the Italy trippers – we just had to stay and have pizza! It was so much fun remembering our experiences in Italy.


✒ Jan. 10, 2020, Blue Valley Bistro, Coburg, OR

    Serge, Bev, Lona, Peggy, Carol, & Marsha chatting and sharing. They were all busy sketching by the time Katie & Laura joined us.

      Serge is dedicated to improving his sketching and painting skills. We enjoy having him be part of the group, because we learn, too.

      Bev always draws what she sees, so it’s fun to discover what she selects to sketch from her surroundings.  And she’s FAST!

      Lona was exploring new Koi watercolor palettes – oh! they’re almost fluorescent! But she loves heavily pigmented color & made it work!

      Katie did a pencil sketch of the display shelves, then started adding the objects. She can take a photo, and finish this at home, too.

      Such a simple little tree sketch, and then – wow! Look at that old massive mossy tree beside it! Great job on the texture, Peggy.

   Carol’s attention was focused on the painting of the penguin on the display shelf. It’s almost walking off the page! What a swagger.

      Marsha was at a perfect spot to sketch her colleagues – Bev and Lona. They both look so sweet, I said. Because they are, she replied!

      Laura and Jane were both perched on stools so they could look out the windows. Here’s the building Laura saw – nice sketch!

      Oops, a little latte drool across the page! No problem, Jane just turned it into the tree in front of the buildings across the street!


✒ Dec. 27, 2019, Blue Valley Bistro, Coburg, OR

There are two Blue Valley Bistros, one in Creswell & this newer one in Coburg. We had a great time spending time here.

   Marsha, Serge, Sandy; at the table beyond are Laura, Daisy, Barb So.; at the counter is Carol, and at a high table on his own is Hugh!

      Marsha started out with that fabulous philodendron, then included Carol sketching below it – yummy effect with colored pencils!

      Serge had a different sketchbook with him, which made the ink behave differently – or is that pencil? Much softer on soft paper.

         Sandy’s determined to make the gray paper work – and she did! It’s not so dark that colored pencil won’t stand out. Super!

      Jane was baffled about doing the bamboo rocker, but in the end it turned out ok. Good for you taking on the challenge, Jane.

   Laura was looking across the room in a different direction, and there’s Hugh working away! What a fun sketch capture.

      It’s easy to see why Daisy likes using Derwent Intense colored pencils – look what happens when she so carefully applies water!

      Barb So not only sketched the wall display, she also caught the sketchers at the table in front of her! Nicely done!

      Hugh quickly sketched in the whole  wall display in ink, then added the blue wall, and a warm brown for the arrow art boards. I like it.

      Meanwhile, Carol was doing the wall display in simple graphite – she got such lovely shading that way. Interesting effect.


✒ Dec. 13, 2019, Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR.

   What a nice morning at the Creswell Bakery – Bev, Carol, Peggy, Katie, Jim H.; Hugh, Laura, Daisy, Sandy. Jane behind camera.

      Bev is one of our quickest sketchers – experience has made her confident, and what fun to see the variety of what catches her eye!

      Speaking of what catches your eye, Carol was explaining what intrigued her from various places, ending with ceiling tiles here!

      Peggy, who is a plein air painter, is getting a kick out of doing little studies within frames in her sketchbook – quite a different approach.

      Jane’s using a frame format based on a centered oval – her sketches typically find a way out of their frame, too – gotta breathe!

      Katie’s found the perfect reason to try out her new metallic markers,  the highway art on I-5! They’re perfect for that metal camas basket.

      Jim’s having a great time doing virtual travel – he does a great trip to the sunny beaches of Beirut, much more appealing than the photo!

      The folks at Hugh’s table got an up close view of the decorated Christmas tree.  Here he does a double page layout with windows.

      Laura was intrigued with the stained glass light above the tree, so included that in her sketch of the tree, along with the windows.

      Daisy may have to do a book featuring her sketches of pastry in Lane County! Then on to the challenge of sketching white on white. Wow.

      Sandy had an advantage of toned paper, perfect for sketching that frosted branches Christmas tree (& the temptation of snow, too!).


✒ Nov. 22, 2019, Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR.

We love the light and space here! Daisy, Jim, Serge, Laura, Bev, Helga, Carol, Peggy, Marsha, Hugh, Sandy (& Jane).

      Daisy dove right into people sketching – can you recognize us? Yes!

               What’s Sandy up to? Gestural studies, & Hugh, her favorite model.

    Marsha did lovely loose sketches – now what, she said! Go darker.

      Bev did some quick people sketches, then did the trio windows.

      Peggy just took the windows as sketch boxes for lacy trees.

      Laura loved doing the windows, too –  such a fun design.

      Helga sketched one of the larger windows – full of rosemary!

      Jane focused on the ceiling tile pattern – now what! Little vignettes.

   Carol was practical and sketched the before and after table scene!

      Hugh did a scene from memory, then a bird photo with brush pens.

      Jim likes a perspective challenge, and he chose a great one – terrific!

      Serge brings his architecture challenges with him, too. Way to go.

      Marsha said, “Let me see!” So Serge shared his watercolors with us. “Do you give lessons?” inquiring minds definitely want to know!


😯 Nov. 15, 2019, Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR.
This was a spontaneous 3rd Friday unscheduled meeting!

The three of us just needed the company and the sketching, I guess.  Michelle, Lona, & Jane. Super good time anyway.

   Michelle wanted to sketch her new earrings, but admitted that sketching the branch she hung them on was way more interesting!

   Lona “grew” this sketch, starting with the words then as much of the car as would fit! As Ken would say, the power of the fragment!

   Jane did a two-toned sketch, very different from her usual thing.

✒ Nov. 8, 2019, Washburne Cafe, Springfield, OR.
Crazy scramble of a morning trying to find a place amenable to our group! Glad to end up in the warm environment at Washburne.

   Laura, Daisy, Bev, Jude; Helga, Carol, Serge, Hugh, Sandy.

   Laura, Jude, Bev, Daisy; Jim & Bill in the sun outside.






   Carol’s sketch; with friend Marsha





      Bill; Hugh checking out Bill’s ever present travel journal.



✒ Oct. 25, 2019 – Barnes & Noble bookstore, Eugene, OR

    We came for the calligraphy show & stayed to sketch: Serge, Daisy, Marsha, Bev, Katie, Peggy, Carol, and then there’s Jane.

          We all admired Serge’s ability to do complicated perspective, as well as the effect he gets with pencil for depth and texture.

       Daisy recorded her cheesecake (before she ate it!), then moved on to a fun display on top of a nearby bookshelf.

      Marsha says she’s figured out how to get around having models that move mid-sketch – she chose some sketchers! Peggy & Carol.

      Bev manages models by sketching quickly – very lively sketches of people as they sat near to chat, have treats, or even work.

   Katie sketched her treats mid-consumption. She’s maintaining her “Inktober” sketch challenge, with today’s topic: Tasty.

      I think the linearity of Peggy’s first sketch was what impelled her to break out and sketch the tree with diminishing autumn leaves.

     Nice to have Carol back with us, and to see her sneaking technique for blurring troublesome details by smudging her pencil marks!

      And Jane always struggles with too much detail, although this was a lot of fun to do – its probably better as a plain ink study, however!


✒ Oct. 11. 2019 – Thistledown Farm – chilly but sunny!

   Lona & Katie were still “in” Italy – looking over Lona’s sketchbook from her trip, then Lona continued her sketch from Rasiglia, Italy.

        Here’s where Katie left off in her Italy sketches, and then she was on to sketching the blooming grasses here, waving in the wind.

      Jane was fascinated with the “wilted” elephant ear leaves, as well as the ornamental metal do-dad – ohmygosh! how to do that twist!

       Laura launched right in with her wine colored ink pen, and did a great job on the ornamental do-dad. Nice balance to the twist!

      Bev caught the charming corn tassels & pumpkin display, and then tried her hand doing the metal twist, too – nice job!

      Daisy started out inside, then had to come out in the sun with us to warm up! And the twist got her, too, with nice results!


✒ Aug. 23, 2019, Public House, Springfield, OR

  Carol, Laura, Kathy, Bev, Sandy, & Hugh; Bev, Sandy, Hugh, Daisy, Laura, Kathy. Carol & Kathy were new to us,  but not to drawing!

   The Public House logo and leafy vines were popular – this by Carol.

   Kathy found another popular item – the umbrellas!

   Bev thought they were grape leaves, and did a great job no matter what kind of leaves they were! (Are they hop leaves? grape?)

      Daisy started with the umbrella touching the vines, got distracted by the vines & leaves, then back to add more intense color. Good job.

   Hugh finished up a sketch from recent travels to BC, then sketched the leaves, too – nice shadowy background for them.

      Jane had fun capturing the umbrella in three frames before she added other mini-sketches to her page.

   Laura got it all – umbrella, lights, and leafy vines. And bike rack!

      Sandy nearly got lost in the tangle of the vines – wonderful sketch!

✒ Aug. 9, 2019, 100 Mile Bakery @ Public House, Springfield, OR

 Daisy, Serge, Bev; Lona (in red in the back); Barb So, Sandy & Hugh.

        Daisy’s treat first. OH NO! the guy’s head is in the umbrella! “Just keep going, right?” she said. Right. Turned out to be a fun sketch!

         Bev did the street scene first, and then her quiche arrived! Yum!

     Lona’s back into fish – is there another book in the works? Hmmm.

      Sandy’s sketch of Serge, Serge resisting sketch photo, and Hugh’s view of the skyline from the bakery patio. Everyone was busy.

      Jane chopped her view up into little boxes, and they even stayed there. Not a bit of it escaped. Huh. Still was fun to do.


✒  July 26, 2019, Lane County Fair, Eugene, OR
It seemed like a good idea to sketch at the fair, but then lives got complicated, and only Bev & Jane were able to show up!

   Not much gets Bev down. She got right into sketching the people who came to the fair to see the art exhibits. Delightful sketch!

      Jane started her sketch from the outside in, revisiting things she’s always found dear at county fairs, even this one!


✒ July 12, 2019, Lane Country History Museum, Eugene, OR.
We heard that there was a special 50th anniversary display for the Oregon Country Fair at the museum, so we were off to see it!

       Sharon was immediately attracted to the Troll de Bogan, one of the    clan of trolls created by Dave McKay as a performer at the Fair.

   Jane was enchanted with Alya, by Jill Talise, an earth goddess.

   She also loved the old posters (with peach), & more huge puppets.

   The ceramic monsters (or “creatures of disgust”) by James de Russo caught Daisy’s eye. They were pretty hilarious.

     Then she turned around a dared to draw an old spring-seat wagon.

     Katie immediately fell in love with the Oregon Trail covered wagon.

    Then her wagon became the framework for other historic items, including the ceramic creature from the Oregon Country Fair.


✒ June 28, 2019, Oakland, Oregon

   Daisy instigated this trip (she has a friend who lives here), and Sharon was glad to come, too (her daughter lives near).

   Jane and Katie were delighted to come along and sketch here, too.

     Daisy launched right into a watercolor sketch – look, Ma, no pencil or ink lines! What a delightful spirited sketch, with Katie in it, too!

    Sharon used a few light pencil guidelines before going to watercolor – didn’t she do a nice job of capturing these historic building fronts?

   Jane started to do just a skyline approach to the store fronts, then began adding details and commentary. It’s a learning experience!

        Katie added vignette sketches of the store fronts to her page, and when we went inside just could not resist the glass jars of candy.

Inside for lunch: Jane, Sharon, Daisy & her fiber artist friend Jana, Katie, and Sharon’s fiber artist daughter Ronette.  Great time!


✒ June 14, 2010 – Oakway Mall Courtyard

   Jim, Serge

      Barb So, Daisy, Laura

✒  May 24, 2019 – Café Yumm @ Oakway Mall

  Inside: Serge, Bev, Katie, Lona, Sandy (& Jane); outside: Hugh and Daisy braved the nippy weather for an hour or so.

         Comparing palettes for the upcoming sketch trip to Italy: Lona made her first “color map,” Katie found a seal-tight container to hold her M. Graham honey based watercolors, Jane added white gouache!

         Jane focused on the lamps in the cafe window – can you tell which colors are from yellow mixed with gouache, & which are…coffee?

      Serge shared a word design that carried the meaning, then on to dynamic fragments of the Oakway building (Ken would be proud).

      Bev is continuing to play with selective coloring and the interaction with complex backgrounds. But what about those concrete blocks!

       Katie concentrated on using her frame template to showcase images around her – and look at that umbrella shape! It’s so hard to do.

        Lona loves deep pigment. Can she manage with just a small travel palette? Well, surprise, surprise! Of course she can! Well done!

          Sandy didn’t let the frivolity at our table keep her from concentrating on the folks at the next table  – nice gestural study.

     Daisy finished her outdoor sketch, then came in to do a loose watercolor sketch of Serge & Jane – look at the size of that brush!

        Hugh started outside with a building sketch, then came inside to catch a glimpse of Sandy and the outdoors through the windows.


✒  May 10, 2019 – Farmers Union Coffee Roasters

       Hugh is outside in the first pic. 2nd: Jane, Daisy,Bev, Ray (Daisy’s husband), Serge, Laura, Jim. Sandy has yet to come in the door.

      Jane’s still framing it up, but things keep escaping. And then there were the birds… It was fun to do such a light hearted sketch.

    Daisy just couldn’t resist the hanging art – ohmygosh! Didn’t she do a great job on those twisted ropes?

      Bev couldn’t resist the wilting flowers on the table, then captured some folks sitting a nearby tables, too. Nicely done!

       Serge is revisiting Buenos Aires with his first sketch. He’s such a master at perspective, it’s a pleasure to see.

      Laura seems to think her sketch is hilarious, but I really like the charm of it. Fun things to sketch in this place!

      Hugh started outside , then came in to bravely tackle the amazing cross beam ceiling – way to go, Hugh!

      What on earth is Sandy sketching? Aha! the pink coffee roaster! There’s color yet to come with this one, she says.

      Jim was unhappy with his markers until he started adding water – nice! It attracted Al, who is a sketcher, to the group, too.


✒  Apr. 26, 2019 – Farmers Union Coffee Roasters

Laura, Sandy, Jim, Hugh; across the table were Serge, Marsha & Daisy.  (Jane & Katie are yet to be revealed.)

        Laura launched into sketching the coffee roaster, in (PINK) detail!

      Jim tried sketching the overhead fan (yikes! what angles!), then kept adding more and more parts of the scene here,  & some in color.

      Hugh started simple, then got more complex, ending with a lovely sketch of the orchids on the table.

   Serge was using a fountain pen recommended by Shari Blaukopf, catching glimpses of what was around. The pen? “Smooth,” he says.

      Orchids? Nope, Marsha continues to be fascinated with dandelions! Then on to Hugh, seen through the orchids on the table. Nice.

   Daisy did a terrific job sketching her scone and coffee – way to go!

      Yes, Jane is still having fun with frames. She brought a little sketch from home of a plant on Facebook, then the rest was from the cafe.

      Katie stopped by for a few minutes before going off on a trip – here’s what she got of the coffee roaster (beyond her) in just minutes!


✒  Apr. 12, 2019 – Perugino, Eugene, OR

   Marsha, Jim, Bill, Hugh; Bev, Laura, Helga, Daisy. (Jane & Lona, too)

     Bill told Marsha about an iPad sketch app (AutoDesk Sketchbook), so she brought her iPad to demo for Jane – she really has it down!

    Jane started experimenting, taking notes, tried a digital sketch of the rugs hanging on the walls. She quickly reverted back to paper & ink.

      Bill is doing more with watercolor in his people sketches, working on getting their hands into the sketches. That’s always a challenge!

     Jim’s triptych page panels are interesting – here he finishes work he started at Perugino last time we were here. Nice eye for detail!

      Hugh is doing a double page spread using water soluble wax crayons with a water brush – he’s gotten a very moody effect on this scene.

      Bev started sketching people then couldn’t resist the shelf displays.

      Laura began light sketching in blue pencil, then brought the shelf scene into color – charmingly done, Laura!

      Helga was back after an illness – now let’s see, what was I doing…oh, bringing definition to a previous sketch, smudging lines for shadows!

   Daisy was having fun sketching the various wine bottle offerings (with names to remember& her colorful palette on her napkin, too!)

   Lona took a photo of some of the shelf pots to help with closeup details – what a clever idea. Nice job on the pottery designs.


✒  Mar. 22, 2019 – Perugino, Eugene, OR

     We filled the back tables at Perugino – Ellen, Jim, Lynda, Bill, Penny, Katie, Bev, Daisy, and Jane in the next photo thanks to Bill.

      Ellen sketched the people on the other side of the curtained display, first in pencil, then watercolor – nice work on the sheer drapes.

      It’s so interesting to see how Jim’s scenes develop, layers of color.

      Jane sketched vignettes in the small frames, then added a banner.

      Lynda and Bill at the far table. Lynda did a quick sketch of her coffee cup, and Bill a sketch of a famous writer – do you know who it is?

     Penny did a small sketch, and like Jim & Jane used a small brush, too!

      Katie’s doing a “Ken,” going back to add to & finish pages. It works.

      Bev did a sketch of the goods displayed on the shelves, and then took on the sheer drape & decorations. Charming sketches.

          Daisy loosened up with a “blind” continuous line sketch (not looking at the paper), then a shelf display sketch & restaurant logo. Nice!


✒  Mar. 8, 2019 – Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR

Here we are again: Bill, Daisy, Ellen, & Jim behind the camera.

     Here’s Bill’s work – he keeps at it, and gets better and better!

      Daisy’s getting fast at pastry, and here’s the view out the window.

        Ellen put some finishing touches on her son’s portrait, then captured the view out some of the windows, too. Good work, Ellen!

      Nice to see how Jim is able to layer and add detail; wish I were there!


✒  Feb. 22, 2019 – Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR

Lynn, Jim, Hugh, Bev, Sandy, Pat…but wait, there’s more!

   Ellen, Barb So, & Daisy at rear table, & at right are Penny J & Lealan.

   Barb So shared a prior home sketch, started what’s in front of her.

      Bev sketched people, ceiling tile patterns, and finally a doodle!

   Daisy is disciplined to sketch before she eats (almost) – Nice!

   Ellen did the 3 windows at the bakery, and had a handy straight edge.

     Hugh was anticipating snow – like his water crayon case? He made it.

      It’s always curious to see what Jane will find to fill the page frames.

      Jim did a table scene before reverting to a favorite landscape.

      Lealan’s quick with those markers – ta dah! and there’s Hugh!

       Lynne brought a sweet picture of a bird to sketch for her first visit.

      The photo had been around, but in sketching Pat discovered gloves!

      Penny J did a great job on getting darks into her sketch today.

      And Sandy did yet another sketch of her husband, Hugh – charming!


✒  Feb. 8, 2019 – back at the Alvadore Schoolhouse @ Camas Country Mill Bakery for the Valley Calligraphy Guild show

Bev, Daisy, Lealan, Barb So, & Hugh, with Sandy behind the camera!

    A closer-up, and Penny got into the photo this time, too.

        Here’s what Hugh, Laura, and Penny were sketching, mostly views out the window. We want to come back here during Spring, too!

     Bev chose the charming flowers on the table to sketch, while Lealan sketched the sketchers! We’re never at a loss for what to sketch.

Penny got to talk to the Valley Calligraphy Guild representatives about their show. They’re such a great organization.


✒  Jan. 25, 2019 – Alvadore Schoolhouse @ Camas Country Mill Bakery

Laura, Ellen, Hugh, Sandy, Penelope, Katie, Daisy, Serge.

        What’s Laura looking at? An antique rolling cart, and one of Katie’s wonderful watercolors displayed on the wall of the schoolhouse!

        Ellen started with a one dimensional photo to sketch, then took up the challenge to go 3-D, and wow! is that tree coming to life! Great!

        Hugh said he knew just what he wanted to draw the moment he walked in – Sandy looking out the schoolhouse window sketching.

        And here’s what Sandy was sketching – the Camas Country Mill Bakery in it’s winter surroundings about to become spring.

        Penelope teaches travel journaling, writing & sketching.  Water soluble ink enables pulling shading from the circles with a brush.

        Katie said, “What shall I do?” Putting aside her formatting stencil, she did a demo of what greens she could make with her palette.

        Jane is enamored of Katie’s formatting stencil, and enjoyed finding little scenes (inside & outside) to go in each of the squares.

        Daisy started with colored pencil, went to watercolor, then back to drawing pencil to sketch special parts of the experience.

        Serge is serious about developing watercolor skills, applying what he read in a watercolor book to determine just when to lift color.

        What are you doing, Lona? Starting her next children’s book! How does she get such deep color? Less water, more pigment, of course!


✒  Jan. 11, 2019 – Along Came Trudy, Springfield, OR

Sandy, Katie, Bev, Marsha, Hugh, Barb So, Wanda, Jude, Daisy. The place was still decorated with a winter theme, all full of sparkles.

           Barb So and Jude chose some of the decor to sketch in pencil first.

     Sandy likes sketching “across the ditch” using both pages in a landscape approach. Here’s the view in front of her!  Well done.

          Katie has such great success with her template of squares. She worried about the red bleeding on the wreath, but it’s spirited!

        Bev is a whiz at combining pre-stamped pages with what she sees about her, including quotes on the wall – it adds so much zest.

        A sketch doesn’t have to be complicated, like Marsha’s previous one here, in order to be interesting, like her glassware & cup today!

        Hugh brought his subject matter with him – a photo taken in Spain. You can see his technique using waterbrush to crayons to page. Nice

     Wanda is still fascinated with her antique store find, trying to sketch it from different angles, using graphite. Beautifully done!

        Daisy got caught up with all the decorations placed around the room, but still wants to go darker. Where’s Ken when you need him!

       Jane just couldn’t quit, and added the welcome sign from the next room to her page, along with the coffee carafe and name sign.


✒  Dec. 28, 2018 – Crema & Bloom, Springfield, OR

        This little place was new to us, and we had a lot of fun being there – Serge, Sean (Jane’s son), Marsha, Barb So., Jude, & Daisy are pictured. Also there were Jane and Bev.

          Bev sketched the welcome sign on the door, while Barb So. sketched the table flowers and Jane seated across from her. How clever!

     Here’s Jane’s view from across the table. You can see that Crema and Bloom let us use their stamp! Such a darling logo design.

      In addition to drinks, they also had pastries, which Sean sketched before and during eating – he also sketched a picture on the wall.

        Marsha dove right into doing a sketch of Serge, including the display wall behind him.  Doing a portrait & using markers are new for her.

        Serge, a master at straight lines, took on the challenge of the water dispenser, and then shared his explorations of wet-on-wet color.

     Jude couldn’t resist sketching the hand made Christmas stockings handing from the “fireplace” mantel. Nicely done, Jude!

          Daisy did a lovely loose sketch of a mantel decoration, then gamely started sketching the floral offering display board – wow!


✒  Dec. 14, 2018 – Along Comes Trudy, Springfield, OR

Exploring a new venue! Around the table: Sandy, Jude, Laura, Jim, Marsha, Katie, Daisy, & Hugh. What a fun place to sketch!

    Daisy & Jude sketched the honored “what’s in front of you” pastries.

Hugh sketched the overhead view – what an angle he has!

   Taking on the tailor’s form in the corner was a real challenge. Here are Laura’s and Marsha’s takes – what do you include? Where’s the focus?

       Here’s that rascally form, and then Jim’s version with surroundings.

        Sandy’s beginning sketch, then the colored version with the real deal behind it. This seems like it was an interesting challenge to sketch!


✒ Nov. 30, 2018 – Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR

Yes, we like it here! Jim, Katie, Hugh, Daisy, Jude, Sandy, Bev, & Serge.

        Jim did a quick sketch of the window & walls across the room, then added a sketch of an interesting building from a magazine he brought.

        Hugh was experimenting with doing his window sketches at an angle across the page, and using the acrylic ink markers from Sketchkon.

        Katie added her lemon meringue bar to her page, and on the next page she started drawing something she observed from her travels.

            Daisy bought an apple blueberry tart, and tried sketching it with colored markers.  Now, how to make the darks dark…hmmm…

        Jude was sketching her tart, too, but using colored pencils. She had the same dilemma – how do you make it darker without darker pencils.

        Sandy’s on a people roll. She was especially appreciative of the quiet couple across from her, reading while they had breakfast treats.

        Jane was totally immersed in trying to pick a photo of her dog Tutti for  her holiday card, and ended up figuring a way to use five of them!

        Bev enjoyed sketching the branch Jude brought from her yard, and I enjoyed seeing how she made the page work with stamps & designs.

     Meanwhile, here’s what Serge was up to – sketching Bev beyond her coat on her chair back! No, those aren’t her shoulders, she said.


✒ Nov. 9, 2018 – Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR

 As you can see from Daisy’s gesture, this was a delicious decision to come here! Gracious hosts, great coffee, yummy food, good light.

          Bev summed up the atmosphere among us – this is just for fun!

          Hugh introduced a second theme – experimentation with tools – here testing various whites on black, then heavy use of crayon ala Erik.

        Daisy started sketching a chair, then segued into making a graphic chart of the new tools she bought at the Tools of the Trade show.

        Sandy and Helga enjoyed a chat before sketching. Here’s Sandy’s quick sketch using only watercolor – charming already!

        Helga started her sketch with a graphite mechanical pencil, then tried the Tombow drawing pencils to do the shading.

        Penny is officially one of us now, sketching her cookie before she eats it. She’s using Tombow water soluble markers to great effect!

          Katie’s having fun with her pre-framed pages – first  highway art, then images from the table. Nice color, too, using watercolor pencils.

        I thought Sharon was sketching with plain old graphite, but surprise! She had water soluble graphite – nice shadows with the brush pen.

        Lealan likes to use a Stabilo marker in light turquoise for an under sketch, then layers the Tombow marker to give the sketch depth.

        Marsha was curious to compare the effects of different watercolor pencils with the same image – Derwent Intense, then Faber-Castell.

       Jane was only curious about the bakery logo and the hazelnuts.

        This was Patt’s first time with us. “What do you sketch,” she said. Whatever is in front of you, we said. And so she did! Tough chair.

        Serge uses cross hatching so well in his ink drawings. Here he also did a sample chart of different kinds of line effect. Just doodling!

        Then we had a demo of unique pencil sharpeners – Marsha with one for colored pencils that holds them straight; Serge with one designed for large lead mechanical pencils, with it’s own trash bin!


✒  Oct. 26, 2018 – Camas Mill Bakery, Junction City, OR

      Back again, thanks to Katie knowing her friend Sue, proprietor and historian of the old Alvadore Schoolhouse – wonderful stories!

       A few of us started out in the bakery/cafe before moving on to explore and sketch in the old school house, moved 2 miles across the fields from Alvadore.


        Hugh really got off on sketching the displays in the bakery, and Sandy got off on sketching her husband, Hugh!

        Jane took advantage of the charming table decorations – sweet.

        Lona brought us each a copy of her newly published book featuring her vibrant watercolors (!), and sketched a table decoration, too.

        Daisy liked their logo, then tried to get the top of one of the school desks which made it a bit wonky – I’ve sat in those wonky ones!

        Jude, new to the group, fit right in and even sketched the wonderful texture of the old school house boards – fabulous texture!

        The table decorations were a big hit with Laura, too – nicely done.

        Bev’s sketches are so versatile – berry closeups, view out the window (complete with airplane), and lovely table decoration.

        Look how Katie developed her page – little vignettes and then the schoolhouse sketch – wonder what will go in the bottom frame?


✒  Oct. 12, 2018 – Camas Mill Bakery, Junction City, OR

        It was Katie’s idea to explore this venue, and here’s her steeple sketch of the old school at the site. The weather was perfect!

                Daisy did a loose watercolor sketch of the old school, then a sketch of her coffee cake and tea from the Camas Bakery.

     Laura did a sketch of the schoolhouse, too, on top of a pre-stamped page (nice texture for the old wood), and then added color. Nice!

      Sandy focused on getting detailed sketches in pencil, planning on adding color later – it will be interesting to see what she does.

     Hugh’s work in his black paper sketchbook was bright and vibrant. Then he’s on to his 2nd sketch using his clever crayon holder case.


And just to whet your appetite, here are other scenes from Camas Bakery from the inside. Yes! We’re definitely coming back!


✒ Sept. 28, 2018 – Washburne Café, Springfield, OR

Nearly all – Bev, Daisy, Laura, Marsha, & Katie. Jane behind the camera, Hugh & Sandy yet to arrive. Beautiful day, beautiful friends.

      Daisy took advantage of a nearby “model” for her first sketch, then went on to images around her (including the vase – more of that!).

        There was a sweet little vase with posies on the table – here’s Bev’s version, then another plant, and finally Jane’s dog’s toy!

        Laura tried to censor her bottom drawing, but we all encouraged her  to go with the lively spirit of it and look at the charm of it after all!        Marsha did her lovely drawing using colored pencil, then added a very interesting border – can you tell she’s a quilter?

        Katie always does such an exquisite job with watercolor, then she added her “lift your spirits” quote: Seeking the Light. Good idea.

          Jane came in late but still managed to do a quick sketch – probably better than if she’d done one slowly and tediously, she said.

         Hugh and Sandy came in later than Jane, but Hugh whipped out a wonderful sketch of his coffee & cake, while Sandy took her time to begin a sketch of a guy at a nearby table.


✒ Sept. 14, 2018 – Public House courtyard, Springfield, OR

Despite the cool temperature, we were cozy in the courtyard.

        Bev immediately was caught up in the vines hanging across the courtyard, and even got them into the steeple sketch.

        Jane doodled the vines across her page, then added the red umbrellas and archways, and finally the name of the site.

        Katie is the best about adding words to her sketch pages – her trick is to strengthen the down strokes of each letter! Clever.

      Daisy and Laura both tackled the pot in the corner of wall – what a challenge, since part of it disappeared into the cement!


✒ August 24, 2018 – Oakway Center Courtyard, Eugene, OR

Our smaller group snuggled into a back corner of the courtyard, and had a different view from last week’s outing.

       Laura started out sketching when the umbrellas were closed, and then they opened them! So she quickly did another sketch! HA!

        Jane sketched the closed umbrellas, too, but just couldn’t quit fiddling with them – maybe some color would help…

       Daisy was disappointed with her wet on wet attempt at the umbrellas, and resorted to a multi-colored duck sculpture drawing.

      Lynda’s going to Japan, worried about keeping up with folks there, and was shocked at Jane’s suggestion that she sketch in ink first.

And here are the dratted open umbrellas, with the sneaky duck sculpture peeking over the menu board on the right.


✒ August 10, 2018 – Oakway Center Courtyard, Eugene, OR

We had a total of ten people show up for sketching today, two new to us  which we enjoyed. What a lovely place, a lovely day to sketch.

Lola, a high school chum of Jane’s, joined us and shared her new sketching tools – watercolor brushes. A new toy! Oh boy!

        Lola started with a Sharpie pen, then began playing with the new tools – hmm, water keeps pulling color out, and you can lift dark!

        Barb So had perfect models in the sketchers at the next table for her drawing (so nice to do back views of people – indistinct features).

        Bev started with some simple flowers, and then worried about the basket on people’s heads, but she fixed it – shading and color did it.

        Daisy’s goal is to use up the student grade watercolors so she can refill the pallet with good ones – so she stayed busy, busy, busy!

        Helga is bravely going where she hasn’t gone before – using pre-stamped pages and letting the sketches emerge where they will!

        Jane said, “what possessed me!” when she began drawing a many leaved tree – ah, loose color wash to the rescue (& Lola’s brush pen).

        Date and place notations started Laura’s page, then a yellow outline to a gradual buildup of color with Prisma colored pencils.  Nice.

        “I don’t do well drawing on site,” said Lynda, drawing from her phone photo, but then she caught the hanging basket fever – you go, girl!

        Marsha had fun with a color washed page and pre-stamp – look how that wonderful sketch came about, and she says not finished yet!

        Serge, new to the group with “no” art experience, took on the nearby architecture. Wow, great result!  “OK, you can stay,” Jane teased.


✒  July 27, 2018 – The Pump Café, Springfield, OR

It was nice to be back at the Pump Cafe – interesting surroundings, delicious food, and friendly reception by the wait staff.

             Bev picked a page she had previously done a color wash on, added the clematis leaves from outside the window, & window, too!

        Daisy tackled the condiment tray in the middle of the table while she was waiting for her breakfast, which she also dutifully sketched.    

         Helga started with the sugar dispenser, and the sketch grew to include what she saw about her (including  wooden chair texture!).

      Jane tried sketching the couple at the next table in ink (ack!), then the clematis outside, and finally gave in to watercolor. Fun entry.

           Laura still likes doing her initial sketch in pencil first, and got quite a bit of the local detail, of which there is a LOT in this cafe!


✒  July 13, 2018 – The Pump Café, Springfield, OR

This is such an interesting place, full of historical artifacts, that Daisy and Helga have a challenge to pick something to sketch.

       Daisy chose the view out the window, and Helga chose the window!

      Bev sketched the wall behind them, full of Springfield memories.

       Hugh shared more of his sketches from his walk on the Camino and Pieterpad, then back to white ink on black paper of Bev’s view!

And here’s what Katie sketched when she wasn’t taking photos  – her yummy breakfast and then she began the saw on the wall. Sweet!


✒  June 22, 2018, 100 Mile Bakery, Springfield, OR

Back again – Bev, Barb So, Helga, Katie (with Jane & Daisy nearby).

        We like it when others bring back to the group what they’ve learned elsewhere – here Daisy with the architect approach to perspective re: roof lines, and then a video Katie found of Norman Campbell.

      Barb So brought us up to date on her two new puppies, then began a pencil outline which she inked & watercolored of an inside scene.

      Bev quickly captured the colorful pots of flowers and bakery sign.

      Helga was enchanted by the bakery logo – nice job on it, too!

    Katie was excited to be nearing the end of this sketchbook, because she doesn’t like the sizing on the paper. But the sketch is GREAT!

    In honored tradition, Daisy sketched what was in front of her, then turned to the nearby pots of flowers (on top of her roof lines!).

      Jane, in a moment of lunacy she says, took on the colored glass windows, kept it loose and ended up having a good time with them!


✒  June 15, 2018, 100 Mile Bakery, Springfield, OR

     Jane was the only one to show up (because she got the date wrong!), but she had a good time anyway. Five others enjoyed it last week!


✒  May 25, 2018, Emerald Art Center, Spring 2018 Exhibit

   Bev was hosting folks who came to see the nationally juried show, and Jane was saying it was a great opportunity to do value studies (here of the Best of Show painting – oh! that’s why it was chosen!).

   Lona and Marnie were enjoying looking at the selected are up close, while Laura was voting for Best of Show (Jane’s painting – so nice!).

   Pat was fascinated with the design aspect of the sunflower painting.


✒  May 11, 2018, Chase Gardens Café and Bistro, Eugene, OR

Daisy’s friend Ann came by to tell us about her new art tool she uses with her computer – “I can’t do what you do,” she said!

       Here’s what Daisy was doing – light fixtures, and shakers! Whatever is is front of us is fair game for sketching.

      This scene of iris outside caught Bev’s attention (& Jane’s, too).

Here’s Bev’s version of the iris, followed by Jane’s below.


April 27, Chase Gardens Café and Bistro, Eugene, OR

It was a small group today, but we certainly had a good time. Here Hugh shows Bev his sketch out the window, while Sandy looks on.

      Here’s how Hugh sketched the view, using white on black paper.

      Sparked by Ken’s drawing in a circle on Tuesday, Bev remembered how much fun that is to do. It really makes the parts important.

    Jane tried adding a circle background to the table still life she drew, and liked the effect there, too.

       Sandy not only sketched her cookie and coffee, but included Bev’s tea and sketchbook, including Bev’s sketch. She was busy!

And here’s Sandy’s sketch after adding color at home.  Very nice!


✒  April 13, 2018 – Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR

There were 7 of us Friday Sketchers who met at the Emerald Art Association. Bill Rutherford’s show, “Ink, Wire and Paint” afforded lots of intriguing views for our sketchbooks!

           Daisy, Katie, and Jane were all fascinated with the unicorn.

      Daisy found a ceramic horse, and Pat did the wire mama – sweet!

      Bev and Jane tried tackling the guitars on display – it’s hard!

   Here are versions by Lona and Pat.

    Meanwhile, Bev was sketching the sketchers!

✒  Mar. 30, 2018 – Townshend’s Tea House, Eugene, OR

We had a nice surprise today – Katie brought her granddaughters!

       Addy uses the time honored fingertip technique, while Avery concentrated on letter forms (even the squiggle in Townshend’s!).

Here’s what Katie’s sketchbook looked like – lots of memories.

      Jane focused on the lights and chairs, while Lena got caught up in the ceiling action (with incredible perspective challenges – good for her!)

And Bev with her quick hand and eye included the people in the tea house as well as the lights over the bar & plants on the counter!

We really like this place – yummy teas and nice people. We’ll be back.


✒  Mar. 16, 2018 – Townshend’s Tea House, Eugene, OR

We were a small but busy group – Tomomi with her children, Katie, Bev, & Jane (behind the camera). We enjoyed the tea, too!

          Bev did a quick sketch, then her secret touch – a wet finger to smudge the shadows in. She even got in a second sketch.

      Here’s Katie’s sketch from her recent trip to Seattle; then she began a quick window/lamp sketch before she went to the game.

       Jane had a new tool – watercolor crayons. She did a scribble demo of them, then tried to do detail work with them – oh oh. Never again!

      Tomomi was diligently applying the instructions she received about replicating a watercolor. Beautifully done! Below are samples of the art work her children did:




✒  Mar. 2, 2018 – back at Soup Nation, Eugene, OR

Here’s our group – Pat, Hugh, Sandy, Bev, & Jane’s sketch in front.

       Here’s what Jane was working on, using a new white pen, then sketching Bev’s necklace & the telephone pole outside the window!

    Hugh was using a white pen on black, then started black on white.

     Hugh gives some pointers to Sandy working on perspective. Still. Maybe that’s something we all work on forever!

    Bev says she really enjoys working with markers. It shows!

    Pat had a huge breakthrough – did the upper left vase of flowers by pencil first then pen. Next she tried going directly to pen – WOW!


✒ Feb. 16, 2018 – Soup Nation, Eugene, OR
We felt like true Urban Sketchers today at Soup Nation. We enjoyed coffee, tea, and cookies to start out, then several stayed for the yummy, warming soup, or bought frozen soup to take home.

                Bev, Sandy, Hugh (with Helga at work); Lena is new to the group but fit right in! Katie is behind the camera & we appreciate that.

                  Here is Lena’s sketch – great to see how it developed with color.

     Bev is always prolific – look at the second sketch!

           Hugh added quite a bit of interesting detail to his initial sketch.

    What a difference color makes! Sandy is justifiably pleased.

        Penny even got the address seen in reverse in the window. Nice!

       Helga kept adding detail to her sketch – next step may be color, yes?

       Katie not only took photos, she also did a delightful sketch. Thanks!


✒ Feb. 2, 2018 – Washburne Café, Springfield, OR

Unaccustomed as we are to SUN! (except for Hugh in the shadows), we were happy to sketch back at Washburne Café.

Bev started us out by showing us what she’d done in her sketchbook since our last session on fonts and lettering. Zow!

      And here’s what Bev did today. Note her use of color wash done previously – she hadn’t known how it would work, but this did.

Here’s how Hugh used a previously done marker wash – perfect!

       Hugh says he owes a lot to watching how Erik uses wax crayons, including scratching layers off so the next is clean and deep.

      Katie had a marker swash on her page, and look how well it worked for her sketch today!

       Jane’s enjoying putting a whole page of sketches together – it started with the tiny flower, and look what caught her eye to add to it.


✒ Jan. 19, 2018 – Washburne Café, Springfield, OR

    There was great light in the front window here! Sandy, Katie, Bev, Helga, Hugh, & Daisy; then Daisy & Sandy from a front-ish view.

Here’s how Bev’s pages evolved. Look how she modified the stamp pattern at the bottom of the second page. Now it belongs!

        One of the things we like about this group is how we learn from each other – here Helga plays with graphite tricks, & a marker sample.

      Katie added colored marker to her sketch, and what life it brought!

     Jane sketched the eucalyptus sprig, too, while Hugh took on the larger view of the room.


Daisy started by sketching the lily in the window until the sun (!) became too intense, then turned to her coffee cup – another challenge! This woman does NOT back down.


✒ Jan. 5, 2018 – Mes Amis Café, Eugene, OR
We really like this little café – cosy and genial for our intents.

Marnie, Hugh, Penny J, Daisy, Bev, Katie, Sandy (& Jane with camera)

        Marnie got right after sketching what was in front of her (across the page from a previous cup sketch), while Sandy sketched Marnie!

     Katie shared some sketches on the washed blocks from Tuesday’s workshop, and then sketched on a page with a pre-stamped border.

        Can you tell Bev’s background is in graphic design? What a delightful use of pages with color blocks, stamped borders, and Washi tape!

       Daisy took on the challenge of doing the café logo shown in reverse on the door, then added the cute snowman decoration on the shelf.

      This was Penny J’s first time sketching with us, but she sure fit right in and seemed to have great fun sketching, too.

     Hugh has decided he wants to incorporate people in his sketches to give them more life & dimension. What a great start!

    And Jane, remembering Lealan’s exuberant sketch of the condos across the street, did a very tidy little block sketch – those angles!


✒ Dec. 15, 2017 – Mes Amis Café, Eugene, OR

It was a small gathering right in the thick of holiday preparations, but these three had a great time sketching together.

    Sketches by Katie.

       Sketches by Bev, our busy bee!

Welcome to Marnie – what a fun sketch! Keep coming back!


✒ Dec. 1, 2017 – Indulgence, Gateway Mall, Springfield, OR

Daisy, (Jane), Katie, & Bev met at Indulgence for our second Friday sketch group. It’s a busy time, and a busy place, but we like it.

         Katie shared her finished piece started last time, Bev got right into a new sketch, and Jane just had time to do a quick sketch before she had to leave. We like sketching together. We’re going to keep on!


✒ Nov. 17, 2017 – Indulgence, Gateway Mall, Springfield, OR

On Friday, Nov. 17, the first time meeting of the newly formed Friday  Sketch Group met with much enthusiasm and delight.

Marsha, Katie, Beki, Sandy, Hugh, & Jane behind the camera.

This was such a fascinating place for sketching and noshing.

         Beki chose to sketch a sign, and Sandy her tea & cookie.

        Bev caught a lot of the complexity of the place, and Hugh zeroed on on a shelf with wonderful flower vases.

    Here’s Jane’s sketch, followed by an exquisite ink sketch done by Katie. Yes, we like this place. Yes, we like sketching on Friday’s, too. We’ll be back!