Feb. 25, 2022, #65 Zoom meeting

The Friday Sketch Group!

Feb. 18, 2022, #64 Zoom meeting

Many took a sketching class online, & were eager to share their work.

The Friday Sketch Group!
Feb. 11, 2022, #63 Zoom meeting

Feb. 4, 2022, #62 Zoom meeting

Peggy, Jane, lMarsha, Danita, Pat, Bitty, Bev, Daisy, Hugh, Laura, Rita, Sandy. (A couple of folks didn’t get photos of their work sent to the webmaster, so sadly, their sketches are missing from the website, but were shown at the zoom meeting.; and Barb So sent hers, even though she didn’t zoom! We are an independent group, following our own drummer.

Jan. 26, 2022, #61 Zoom meeting

Jan. 21, 2022, #60 Zoom meeting


Jan. 14, 2022, #59 Zoom meeting


Jan. 7, 2022 – #58 Zoom meeting (I think, but who’s counting?)

Dec. 31, 2021 – #56 zoom meeting (we missed a few over the holidays)


Dec. 10, 2021 – #55 Zoom Meeting

Dec. 3, 2021 – #54 Zoom Meeting

Nov. 26, 2021 – #53 Zoom Meeting

Nov. 19, 2021 – #52 Zoom Meeting

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Nov. 5, 2021 – #50 TD Zoom Meeting

Oct. 29, 2021 – #49 Zoom Meeting (check last entry for a surprise!)

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Sept. 24, 2021 – #44 Zoom Meeting

✒ Sept. 17, 2021 – #43 Zoom Meeting

✒ Sept. 10, 2021 – #42 TD Zoom Meeting

✒ Aug. 22, 2021 – Zoom meeting #40!

We successfully made the transition for the zoom meeting to occur on Fridays instead of Tuesdays, with the usual suspects: Marsha, Jane, Peggy, Danita, Bev, Bitty, Daisy, BarbSo, Laura, & Hugh

✒ Aug. 20, 2021 – Equiano Coffee Co.

✒ Aug. 13, 2021 – Danita’s & MIchael’s place – Forest Haven

Danita, Jim,Jane, Hugh & Sandy, Marsha,Lona, Bitty, Daisy, Laura, Katie, Tricia, & Michael (Peggy behind the camera).

We gathered together to put our our sketchbooks so we could see what everyone had sketched.

Jim, Lona, Daisy, Bitty, Sandy, Hugh, Peggy, Katie, Daisy, Marsha & Laura (Danita & Michael busy getting the salads for lunch).

Happy campers about to dive into gourmet salads, & Bitty’s berry pie from Sweet Life. And it is a sweet life.

✒ Aug. 6, 2021 – Book Reveal Party at Jane’s!


Taking it outside: Daisy, Lona (with Tucker), Eva, Satoko, & Tricia)

✒ July 30, 2021, Laurelwood

Bitty, Hugh, Sandy, Peggy, Marsha at the end of our sketch time, reviewing the work.

✒ July 23, 2021, 5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

   Peggy, Marsha, Jim, Bitty, Hugh, Sandy, Barbara – and then in reverse order looking the other way (except Sandy, off to get coffee).

But there’s more! Barb Sh, Sandy, Doug, JoAnn, Bitty, Hugh, Marsha, Jim, Daisy, Peggy, Eva (BarbSo gone, Jane behind camera).

    BarbSo’s hosta at home, then people sketches (Eva, upper right!).

       Bitty got the flowers on the deck railing, and …people…a trend?

       Marsha’s doing people, too. Hmmm. And Hugh even signed his pic!

      It’s a people binge! Jane sketch the guys across the table – handy.

     Peggy was doing artifacts, then sketched artist Eva on the deck.

        Daisy, our standup artist, was sketching people, too. It’s a rage!

    But across the table, Jim resisted & refined a previous sketch – nice!

       Hugh, too, had other plans – replicating a sketch in different medium.

        We can always count on Sandy to be sketching people – you go, girl!

      Look who BarbSh brought – sister JoAnn & husband Doug. Shades of sketch trips to Italy in days past. Here’s JoAnn’s sketch.

     BarbSh had a clever sketch from home, then started a people sketch.

   Meanwhile, Eva (out on the sunny deck) used water on her chalks!

  And it’s sketch review time! Lots of interaction with this one!

✒ July 16, 2021, Cortesia Sanctuary

Daisy, Lealan, Jane, Peggy, Marsha, Bitty, Danita, Gail, Eva (Tricia behind the camera, BarbSo missing).

    And speaking of Barb So, here she is, with her charming sketch!

       Bitty is enjoying exploring different media, from ink, to watercolor, to using Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons (without water, too!).

Marsha, Daisy, & Jane on the front deck, captured by host, Tricia.

    But Daisy did find things to sketch in the garden, too.

      Danita has plans for a 4 framed set of images – she got two of them done today, and they are totally lovely!

     Eva settled in to sketch the woods, and did Gail in a chair instead! She’s feeling her way into how to go darker, make it distinct.

  And what’s Gail up to? Not her usual pointillism! Rose Campion in all its color and grace – nice job.

       Of all the forest & garden around her, Jane zeroed in on the tiny hardy fuchsia on the deck! Narrative in her sketch is unusual, too.

        What’s Lealan up to? Her usual vibrant garden & forest scene, and then, oh yeah!, a glowing Tricia, with the woods around her.

    Surprise! Marsha is on a roll sketching Barb So again. So delightful!

   Peggy is set up for serious plein air watercolor sketching – great texture of tree bark, and depth of field, too.

Tricia is an avid watercolor enthusiast, too – nice sketch!

   And it’s sketchbook review time – we all start to gather to see what everyone has done, commenting & asking questions of each other.

We ended this session with a picnic lunch on the front lawn. Sweet.

✒ July 9, 2021 – Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR

Barb So, Jane, Daisy, Barb So., Peggy (photo by Katie), Marsha, Eva and Gail out of picture.

       A wander about gave Barb So lots of things to sketch!

       What’s Jane so intent about? The doorway interesting structure!

       Daisy sketched the art! What a concept. Fascinating, too.

       Just when you think Barb Sh is doing a straightforward sketch of a flower…look closer…there’s a cat emerging!

       Oh goodie, there’s someone else interested in structure – Peggy!

    Katie was being a gracious hostess, and sketching, too!

      Marsha’s figured out a way to get her model to sit still!

        Eva learned a lot in sketching art in the room – nice rocks!

    Gail showed up in time for the review – incredible sketch to share.

Sketchbooks lined up to share – with Jane, Daisy, Marsha, BarbSo.

✒ July 2, 2021 – Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, OR

At the review: Tricia, Danita, Laura, Bitty, Daisy, Peggy, Katie, Jane, Sharon, Marsha. What a gorgeous setting! We love it here.

      Tricia, our host, had her sketch finished from our last visit, and got in a quick sketch from her back deck of all the flowers & waterfall.

    Danita was out in front, and did a lovely sketch of the house & surrounding garden with forest behind.

    Laura was back in the garden, having fun sketching with her different colors of ink pens – whimsical approach, very fitting.

        Bitty got up close & personal with sculptures & plants – wow! look at that lily! It vibrates!

   Daisy brought her house guest, Leslie (who enjoyed photographing), and then sketched fruit in the garden (fuzzy apples? kiwis!).

    Peggy is on a roll with loose watercolors, this time a different view.

    Katie had a great time filling her page with little vignettes.

       Jane was running around with her camera in between doing bits of the framed format page, water colored back at home.

    Sharon said, “yes, I know, another cottage!” They are so charming, both in person and in her sketches.

       Marsha never strayed from the front deck, fascinated with the “Crown of Thorns” and the tiger lilies – lovely sketches!

✒ June 25, 2021, Norma Pfeiffer Park, Coburg, OR

Beating the heat – Jane, Hugh, Peggy, Eva, Marsha, Laura, Sandy.

Marsha brought a b&w printout of the draft of our upcoming book, which Peggy & Laura really enjoyed reviewing (esp. their pages!).

    Eva added sparkles to her sketch from last week, and today she’s sketching her moving model – her dog Mickey! (Difficult angles)

      Hugh picked the perfect medium for his vivid sketch of food storage buildings in Eugene – Caran d’Ache water soluble crayons.

        Jane was sketching a hosta photo from home, using her Lamy fountain pen with blue permanent ink for comments (& veins!).

   As a fine detail acrylic painter, Peggy is pushing herself to try a loose approach with watercolor – now, to add ink for leaf shapes?

       Sandy’s attention was all on the kids in the playground – using the Caran d’Ache crayons, and then water brush on toned paper.

   Laura got a kick out of the kids, too, capturing their active joy with different colored pencils – what a fun way to represent them!


Marsha  had to think about where to use permanent ink, and where to use her water soluble ink so she could have shadows –  well done!

✒ June 18, 2021, Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, OR

   Peggy, Jane, Jim, Laura at the wooded wonder of Cortesia.

   Jim immediately started sketching the gate to the garden.

   Lona didn’t get past the house deck, with plenty to sketch!

     The plant on the deck table fascinated Jane – “Crown of Thorns”

      Laura didn’t get very far around the house for an interesting sketch.

     Daisy is our stand-up sketcher – and, oh! those veggie leaves!

    Yes, Peggy’s blanket was nice in 10 degree cooler Cortesia.

     Sharon’s back with us again! Lovely sketch of one of the cottages.

✒ June 11, 2021, Owen Rose Garden (in the rain)

The intrepid sketchers – Daisy, Bitty, Marsha, Laura, Jim (Eva went home to get her dog, Jane behind the camera).

      Bitty, are we having fun yet? Perfect day for wet-on-wet painting.

      Daisy in her signature standing sketching stance – nice work!

   Eva (with dog, Mickey) is exploring colored chalks, with soft effects!

      Here’s how Jane’s sketch evolved – from pencil to ink & watercolor.

      Jim does such a lovely and precise graphic sketch – nice to see.

       Laura didn’t let sitting on the ground stop her from sketching!

      Marsha tried her TUL pen first, then back to graphite – super!

      The review resulted in consensus that we were glad we came!

✒ June 4, 2021 – Alton Baker Park

Everyone scattered when we got there, so this is a shot of the sketchbook review at the end with: Daisy, Bitty, Laura, Sandy & Hugh, Eva, Marsha, BarbSo, & Gail.

     Daisy got up close & personal with the fauna & flora. The day started out cloudy & cool, but got bright and warm as the morning went on.

        Bitty got right down to it (& in it) – the deFazio Bike Bridge with geese, and the fire pokers.

    The fire pokers caught a lot of eyes, including Laura’s.  Quite a challenge to sketch those multi-petaled round rascals.

         Hugh & Sandy were looking the same way, but their approaches and use of tools were quite different – such an interesting contrast.

      I don’t know where Gail & Eva were sketching, but they were definitely there – Gail’s geese, Eva’s people under a tree – nice!

    The ducks put on quite a show in front of Jane, so she included them in her collection of sketchettes.

   Peggy’s trying out the little frames format, too, and having a lot of fun keeping it simple…or is it simple…more to come!

     Marsha was busy! Almost as busy as the geese (nice capture!). She sketched the bridge, too, and a wonderful old tree.

And a good time was had by all. Of course, and as usual!

✒ May 28, 2021, New Day Bakery
Now that Covid restrictions are lifting, we’re learning we have to be conscious of  “paying” for our tables buy buying food & drink, and not overstaying our welcome as the venue becomes busier.

Marsha, Hugh, Sandy, Laura, Daisy, Katie, Bitty. But there were more

     Jim & Bill; Eva with her son Michael, Mickey the dog; BarbSo, Laura.

Peggy, Daisy, Marsha (& remnants of Jane’s presence) 

    Laura, Hugh & Sandy; Katie, BarbSo & Laura, Bitty.

                  Eating & drinking didn’t give us a lot of time to sketch, and with more people coming in many of us left early. But Bitty & Laura did manage to get a couple of sketches done (with Mickey featured in both!).

✒ May 21, 2021, New Day Bakery

Hugh, Sandy, Jim, Laura, Eva, Bitty, Daisy, Marsha

    Bitty, Marsha, Laura; Jane; Jim



     Eva’s work; Laura & Eva







   The review! (& why the paper has a rosy cast)

✒ May 14, 2021, Oakway Center Courtyard – our first time sketching together, everyone fully vaccinated, without masks!

It wasn’t wet & chilly this week!  – Marsha, Jane, Barb Sh, Laura, Gail, Eva, & Peggy. Danita behind the camera, Bill & Jim behind us.

     Barb Sh enjoyed sketching a mother & child on the lawn.

Laura made a convenient model for Barb So to sketch.

   Bill brought an old sketchbook to work on – his guide to golfing!

      Danita balanced her vivid green & red sketch with some blue.

      Eva is very comfortable using charcoal – nice sketch of Peggy!

         Every new person who joins us brings unique skills and talents – we were happy to welcome Eva and her friend Gail in joining us.

      Jane started sketching the tent shelter, ending with a touch of color.

      Jim’s found a way to keep on traveling, thanks to sketching!

      TWO coffees, Laura? Didn’t keep her from sketching the landscape.

      Can you tell Marsha’s happy sketching with everyone, maskless?

      Peggy’s having another go at the tree in a pot, determined looseness.

✒  May 7, 2021, Oakway Center Courtyard

            Wet & chilly weather didn’t stop Daisy, Jim, and Gail!

      Laura and Marsha took advantage of the overhang shelter.

Gathering for the end of session sketch sharing, samples below:

   Jim did a sketch from a travel mag, Laura a montage of what she saw around her in the courtyard. A fun day despite the iffy weather.

✒ Apr. 30, 20021, Masonic Cemetery/Hope Abbey Mausoleum

Here we are at the end of our sketching session, sharing our sketches: Eva (& Mickey), Peggy, BarbSo, (Katie & Alma behind), Jim, Hugh, Gail, & Sandy. Laura had to leave early,  Jane’s behind camera.

      Laura (by Eugene Skinner’s stone) got into headstone rubbings, and then did the designs in colored pencil – really turned out interesting!

       Barb So. did a headstone rubbing, too, then sketched one of the native flowers in bloom in the cemetery for a lovely sketch page.

   Hugh’s set up allows him a steady hand to go big – a double page spread, then a small sketchbook impressionistic sketch, too.

   Where’s Sandy? Uphill, doing a sketch of Hugh and his view. Nice!

   Katie brought her puppy, Alma, and when she wasn’t untangling the dog she added to her sketch page begun at Hendricks Park.

   Eva brought her dog, Mickey, too. But he was a little more sedate, and so she was able to do this lovely graphite & watercolor sketch.

   Gail heard about Ken’s quote from Katie, which seemed fitting for her pointillistic flower sketch – quite an effect!

      Peggy was into the flowers, too – an oyster flower behind a gravestone (nice contrast with color), and an abundant lilac bush.

     Jane (dealing with loose dogs at home) just stayed in one place to do the tree, then did the rest of the sketches when she got back home.

   Jim found the back side of the mausoleum very interesting to sketch, and included some headstones for context. Nice sketch!

✒ Apr. 23, 20021, Masonic Cemetery/Hope Abbey Mausoleum

   Bitty really got into the atmosphere – beautiful historic cemetery.

   Laura was fascinated with Chinese & Hebrew on  headstones.

   Jane started at the mausoleum, did special headstones at home.

 When time for sharing our sketches came, we wondered why there were just three of us…we knew some folks had conflicting things.

Laura & Jane were at stage 1 in sketching, Bitty was DONE!

   Eva, Peggy, & Sue said “there was a sketching get together time change? Guess we’d better read our email next time!”

The Friday Sketch Group is now meeting together outside every Friday that the weather allows!

✒ Apr. 16, 2021, Owen Rose Garden

      Bitty sketched the famous Tartarian Cherry Tree a couple of times.

   Barb Sh got an entirely different slant on it!

   Peggy dealt with the whole thing, catching its massive presence.

   Danita was paying attention to the negative space between limbs.

   Gail’s closeup of limbs & negative space make a great design.

   Marsha made the most of her 15 minutes to sketch – wowza!

   Meanwhile, Daisy was capturing the ambience of the place.

   And Barb So was capturing our new sketcher, Sue, in the ambience.

   While Sue was getting up close & personal with the canna lilies.

     Eva (no sketch shown) declared she was sticking to charcoal; Jane (no photo shown) petered out with a b&w ink sketch. Good times.

Our forth time meeting since the Covid shut down!

✒ Apr. 9, 2021, Hendricks Park, Eugene, OR

Katie got there quite early before us, so she passed on her sketches as she was on her way back home. Lovely work.

   Jim, Jane, Bill, Peggy; Bill, Danita, Peggy, Jim, Marsha. There were others of us were sketching elsewhere in the park.

      Newcomers Eva & Gail talk with Danita about technique. Sketches by Danita; Gail & Eva.

   Great to have Bill back sketching with us – we missed his wit!

   Jim loves drawing architecture & did a terrific job on the shelter.

   Jane who never draws people drew Jim (as skinny) & Bill (as hefty).

   Peggy’s eye caught a tree nearby – the park is always changing.

   Meanwhile, Marsha was sketching Peggy!

   And Daisy was wandering the park doing botanical studies.

      Barb Sh had a closeup of magnolia buds, and a recent sketch (& commentary) of her brother-in-law who just had his Covid shot.

  Good thing we have the habit of gathering to review sketches. Fun.

Our third time meeting since the Covid shut down. We could get used to this!

✒ Apr. 2, 2021, Hendricks Park, Eugene, OR

      Bitty was the first to get there & found more than flowers!

   Jim was next, & right down to sketching.

   Daisy tried a brush pen approach to the trees – fun!

   Marsha brought her self made sketchbook to the event.

      Katie’s here! So nice to have her back with us.

      Barb So came by & Laura found a perch on a rock bench.

    Barb Sh is here! And into the  Native Plant Garden.

     Jane took photos, planned, & finished at home.

      Nice place to gather for our review of everyone’s sketches.

✒ Mar. 26, 2021 – Norma Pfeiffer Park, Coburg, OR

Most of us – Peggy, Jim, Marsha & daughter Amanda, Bitty.

    Laura went over to the pavilion for a different view, and Lona was able to join us (first time since her Mexico trip!).

   Bitty and Peggy are lap painters (they brought their own chairs).

      Jane & Jim were happy the park still had one table with benches.

Marsha brought a chair, & Amanda had a plastic sack for the ground.

Time for the review – can you tell who’s who behind those masks?

        Jim’s exquisite sketches, and Amanda’s novice (she says) sketches.

   Marsha & Bitty have such different styles, yet so expressive.

            Laura sketched what she saw across the street, Lona sketched what she has at home in her garden (& probably not done yet).

           Peggy’s precise elegance, and Jane’s twig sketching of a branch!

The Friday Sketch Group met for the first time since February of 2020 & the Covid shut down. It was fabulous being back together!

✒ Mar. 12, 2021 – Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

Even though the roses are done blooming, there are lots of other things to sketch at the garden! Sketches from the top by: Barb Sh, Marsha, Bitty, Danita, Jim H. (who assumed we were meeting at the usual time of 10, but we changed it to noon to be warmer – missed him, but here’s the sketch he did).

Then there was the magnificent blooming tulip magnolia tree!

Many of us tried capturing that tree image, with lots of different styles and tools. I need help in identifying artists, so from the top:  ??, Jane, Bitty, Laura; ??, Marsha, Bitty; Peggy, Danita, Barb So.

         Barb So & Peggy; Peggy’s magnolia sketch; Bitty & Marsha.

         Barb So & Laura; Barb So’s sketch; Daisy.

   Danita & husband Michael; Danita’s sketch.

     Jane (staying warm, cutting the sun glare); Jane’s sketch.

Jim’s sketch – he even got in some of the challenging gazebo!

✒  🖥   Feb. 2020 – Mar. 2021,   Zoom meetings had to suffice  ✒   🖥

The Friday Sketch Group usually meets the 2nd and 4th Fridays of every month. Some of the same suspects show up, too. It’s fun!

✒ Feb. 28, 2020 – Serendipity Cafe & Tea, Lebanon, ORGreat road trip! Laura, Katie, Danita, Sandy, Barb So, Daisy, Lynda, Hugh (& Jane behind the camera). “Sketching first!” we said.

   Here’s how Laura’s sketches turned out.

   Katie had fun with the colorful flowers on her cup & saucer.

   Danita was ambitious in sketching three of them! Wow. Cute, too.

     Sandy included the teapot on the warmer along with the curvy cup.

     Barb So’s light hand with watercolor was ideal for her sketch.

      Daisy said, “These designs are harder than you think!” Well done.

      Lynda fell in love with the rose in her cup, can you tell?

   Hugh conquered the tea itself before turning to the designs.

   Jane turned her cup on its side, but it wasn’t any easier that way!

    Then it was time for tea, followed by scones warm from the oven.

      Soup & sandwiches or salad & lettuce rolls; scones with lemon curd, and whipped cream (strawberry jam also available. Great place!

✒ Feb. 14, 2020 – Nana’s Caffé/Coburg Pizza Co., Coburg, OR

     It was a chilly overcast day, and if it weren’t for Peggy, there would be no photos of sketchers! Here are Jane, Lynda, Barb So at work.

     Sandy sketched what was in front of her – coffee & scone! Yum!

      Daisy did her coffee, but then drew the fireplace bellows. Nice!

   Laura sketched the display above her as well as the hanging lantern.

   Lynda started with the wall hanger, then went on to the lantern, too.

      Bev had fun with the hanging lights and the wall artifacts.

      Katie finished her bird-of-paradise, & a tribute to Laura’s chocolates.

      Barb So was trying to think of red things to sketch for Valentine’s.

      Marsha brought work done in a class she’s taking – WOW!

      Carol’s taking a class, too; here practicing shading & contour.

   Hugh went from inside to out – clever angle there, buddy!

      Peggy focused outside all together – love the sway of those trees.

      Jane figured out a way to incorporate one of Laura’s chocolates!

✒ Jan. 24, 2020 – Nana’s Caffé/Coburg Pizza Co., Coburg, OR

Here we are, surrounded by rustic reminders: Serge, Barb So., Sandy, Marsha, Hugh, Katie, Michelle, Jim S., Bev, Peggy, Lona, & Daisy.

   Then those from the most recent sketch trip to Italy greeted each other with excitement, reminiscing, & sketch sharing.

      Remember this? & Daisy brought her quilt of Italy sketches to show.

        Barb So got a lot in her sketch – the quince branch, the sketchers at the next table, Daisy’s quilt, and her cup of coffee! Nice combo.

      Not all of us were focused on the room (or Italy, for that matter) – Serge was revisiting Edinborough, Scotland. Wonderful values here.

      Sandy captured Bev & Peggy sketching in the window, as well as the wonderful rock fireplace and decor. Lovely having the fire, too.

      Marsha had a similar view from a slightly different angle. Nice handling of perspective! Will there be color added? Check back.

      There’s no question of whether there will be color when Hugh’s the sketcher! Here he uses white pen, then wax crayons direct to paper.

      Bev was a model in many respects – the subject of sketching, and accomplishing three sketches herself: Jane, window & tree!

      Of course it was a tree that caught Peggy’s eye. Nice pencil treatment, and so much depth with cross-hatching shadows.

      Jane immediately took advantage of the quince branch Michelle brought, then added framed vignettes. Nice lantern & barbed wire!

      It’s always such a treat when Michelle can join us, and she had such fun sketching the quince branch…now what, she said…

          Jim S. bravely ventured using his watercolors, to great effect. Then he took on Michelle’s question to help her add twists of the branch.

      Lona’s preparing to teach a watercolor lesson in Mexico on her vacation, and here she gets a head start on the subject – wow!

       Katie was intrigued with the bird-of-paradise task, and tried her hand at it, too. Interesting to see the differing style approaches.

      But it’s not over for the Italy trippers – we just had to stay and have pizza! It was so much fun remembering our experiences in Italy.

✒ Jan. 10, 2020, Blue Valley Bistro, Coburg, OR

    Serge, Bev, Lona, Peggy, Carol, & Marsha chatting and sharing. They were all busy sketching by the time Katie & Laura joined us.

      Serge is dedicated to improving his sketching and painting skills. We enjoy having him be part of the group, because we learn, too.

      Bev always draws what she sees, so it’s fun to discover what she selects to sketch from her surroundings.  And she’s FAST!

      Lona was exploring new Koi watercolor palettes – oh! they’re almost fluorescent! But she loves heavily pigmented color & made it work!

      Katie did a pencil sketch of the display shelves, then started adding the objects. She can take a photo, and finish this at home, too.

      Such a simple little tree sketch, and then – wow! Look at that old massive mossy tree beside it! Great job on the texture, Peggy.

   Carol’s attention was focused on the painting of the penguin on the display shelf. It’s almost walking off the page! What a swagger.

      Marsha was at a perfect spot to sketch her colleagues – Bev and Lona. They both look so sweet, I said. Because they are, she replied!

      Laura and Jane were both perched on stools so they could look out the windows. Here’s the building Laura saw – nice sketch!

      Oops, a little latte drool across the page! No problem, Jane just turned it into the tree in front of the buildings across the street!

✒ Dec. 27, 2019, Blue Valley Bistro, Coburg, OR

There are two Blue Valley Bistros, one in Creswell & this newer one in Coburg. We had a great time spending time here.

   Marsha, Serge, Sandy; at the table beyond are Laura, Daisy, Barb So.; at the counter is Carol, and at a high table on his own is Hugh!

      Marsha started out with that fabulous philodendron, then included Carol sketching below it – yummy effect with colored pencils!

      Serge had a different sketchbook with him, which made the ink behave differently – or is that pencil? Much softer on soft paper.

         Sandy’s determined to make the gray paper work – and she did! It’s not so dark that colored pencil won’t stand out. Super!

      Jane was baffled about doing the bamboo rocker, but in the end it turned out ok. Good for you taking on the challenge, Jane.

   Laura was looking across the room in a different direction, and there’s Hugh working away! What a fun sketch capture.

      It’s easy to see why Daisy likes using Derwent Intense colored pencils – look what happens when she so carefully applies water!

      Barb So not only sketched the wall display, she also caught the sketchers at the table in front of her! Nicely done!

      Hugh quickly sketched in the whole  wall display in ink, then added the blue wall, and a warm brown for the arrow art boards. I like it.

      Meanwhile, Carol was doing the wall display in simple graphite – she got such lovely shading that way. Interesting effect.

✒ Dec. 13, 2019, Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR.

   What a nice morning at the Creswell Bakery – Bev, Carol, Peggy, Katie, Jim H.; Hugh, Laura, Daisy, Sandy. Jane behind camera.

      Bev is one of our quickest sketchers – experience has made her confident, and what fun to see the variety of what catches her eye!

      Speaking of what catches your eye, Carol was explaining what intrigued her from various places, ending with ceiling tiles here!

      Peggy, who is a plein air painter, is getting a kick out of doing little studies within frames in her sketchbook – quite a different approach.

      Jane’s using a frame format based on a centered oval – her sketches typically find a way out of their frame, too – gotta breathe!

      Katie’s found the perfect reason to try out her new metallic markers,  the highway art on I-5! They’re perfect for that metal camas basket.

      Jim’s having a great time doing virtual travel – he does a great trip to the sunny beaches of Beirut, much more appealing than the photo!

      The folks at Hugh’s table got an up close view of the decorated Christmas tree.  Here he does a double page layout with windows.

      Laura was intrigued with the stained glass light above the tree, so included that in her sketch of the tree, along with the windows.

      Daisy may have to do a book featuring her sketches of pastry in Lane County! Then on to the challenge of sketching white on white. Wow.

      Sandy had an advantage of toned paper, perfect for sketching that frosted branches Christmas tree (& the temptation of snow, too!).

✒ Nov. 22, 2019, Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR.

We love the light and space here! Daisy, Jim, Serge, Laura, Bev, Helga, Carol, Peggy, Marsha, Hugh, Sandy (& Jane).

      Daisy dove right into people sketching – can you recognize us? Yes!

               What’s Sandy up to? Gestural studies, & Hugh, her favorite model.

    Marsha did lovely loose sketches – now what, she said! Go darker.

      Bev did some quick people sketches, then did the trio windows.

      Peggy just took the windows as sketch boxes for lacy trees.

      Laura loved doing the windows, too –  such a fun design.

      Helga sketched one of the larger windows – full of rosemary!

      Jane focused on the ceiling tile pattern – now what! Little vignettes.

   Carol was practical and sketched the before and after table scene!

      Hugh did a scene from memory, then a bird photo with brush pens.

      Jim likes a perspective challenge, and he chose a great one – terrific!

      Serge brings his architecture challenges with him, too. Way to go.

      Marsha said, “Let me see!” So Serge shared his watercolors with us. “Do you give lessons?” inquiring minds definitely want to know!

😯 Nov. 15, 2019, Creswell Bakery, Creswell, OR.
This was a spontaneous 3rd Friday unscheduled meeting!

The three of us just needed the company and the sketching, I guess.  Michelle, Lona, & Jane. Super good time anyway.

   Michelle wanted to sketch her new earrings, but admitted that sketching the branch she hung them on was way more interesting!

   Lona “grew” this sketch, starting with the words then as much of the car as would fit! As Ken would say, the power of the fragment!

   Jane did a two-toned sketch, very different from her usual thing.

✒ Nov. 8, 2019, Washburne Cafe, Springfield, OR.
Crazy scramble of a morning trying to find a place amenable to our group! Glad to end up in the warm environment at Washburne.

   Laura, Daisy, Bev, Jude; Helga, Carol, Serge, Hugh, Sandy.

   Laura, Jude, Bev, Daisy; Jim & Bill in the sun outside.






   Carol’s sketch; with friend Marsha





      Bill; Hugh checking out Bill’s ever present travel journal.


✒ Oct. 25, 2019 – Barnes & Noble bookstore, Eugene, OR

    We came for the calligraphy show & stayed to sketch: Serge, Daisy, Marsha, Bev, Katie, Peggy, Carol, and then there’s Jane.

          We all admired Serge’s ability to do complicated perspective, as well as the effect he gets with pencil for depth and texture.

       Daisy recorded her cheesecake (before she ate it!), then moved on to a fun display on top of a nearby bookshelf.

      Marsha says she’s figured out how to get around having models that move mid-sketch – she chose some sketchers! Peggy & Carol.

      Bev manages models by sketching quickly – very lively sketches of people as they sat near to chat, have treats, or even work.

   Katie sketched her treats mid-consumption. She’s maintaining her “Inktober” sketch challenge, with today’s topic: Tasty.

      I think the linearity of Peggy’s first sketch was what impelled her to break out and sketch the tree with diminishing autumn leaves.

     Nice to have Carol back with us, and to see her sneaking technique for blurring troublesome details by smudging her pencil marks!

      And Jane always struggles with too much detail, although this was a lot of fun to do – its probably better as a plain ink study, however!

✒ Oct. 11. 2019 – Thistledown Farm – chilly but sunny!

   Lona & Katie were still “in” Italy – looking over Lona’s sketchbook from her trip, then Lona continued her sketch from Rasiglia, Italy.

        Here’s where Katie left off in her Italy sketches, and then she was on to sketching the blooming grasses here, waving in the wind.

      Jane was fascinated with the “wilted” elephant ear leaves, as well as the ornamental metal do-dad – ohmygosh! how to do that twist!

       Laura launched right in with her wine colored ink pen, and did a great job on the ornamental do-dad. Nice balance to the twist!

      Bev caught the charming corn tassels & pumpkin display, and then tried her hand doing the metal twist, too – nice job!

      Daisy started out inside, then had to come out in the sun with us to warm up! And the twist got her, too, with nice results!

✒ Aug. 23, 2019, Public House, Springfield, OR

  Carol, Laura, Kathy, Bev, Sandy, & Hugh; Bev, Sandy, Hugh, Daisy, Laura, Kathy. Carol & Kathy were new to us,  but not to drawing!

   The Public House logo and leafy vines were popular – this by Carol.

   Kathy found another popular item – the umbrellas!

   Bev thought they were grape leaves, and did a great job no matter what kind of leaves they were! (Are they hop leaves? grape?)

      Daisy started with the umbrella touching the vines, got distracted by the vines & leaves, then back to add more intense color. Good job.

   Hugh finished up a sketch from recent travels to BC, then sketched the leaves, too – nice shadowy background for them.

      Jane had fun capturing the umbrella in three frames before she added other mini-sketches to her page.

   Laura got it all – umbrella, lights, and leafy vines. And bike rack!

      Sandy nearly got lost in the tangle of the vines – wonderful sketch!

✒ Aug. 9, 2019, 100 Mile Bakery @ Public House, Springfield, OR

 Daisy, Serge, Bev; Lona (in red in the back); Barb So, Sandy & Hugh.

        Daisy’s treat first. OH NO! the guy’s head is in the umbrella! “Just keep going, right?” she said. Right. Turned out to be a fun sketch!

         Bev did the street scene first, and then her quiche arrived! Yum!

     Lona’s back into fish – is there another book in the works? Hmmm.

      Sandy’s sketch of Serge, Serge resisting sketch photo, and Hugh’s view of the skyline from the bakery patio. Everyone was busy.

      Jane chopped her view up into little boxes, and they even stayed there. Not a bit of it escaped. Huh. Still was fun to do.

✒  July 26, 2019, Lane County Fair, Eugene, OR
It seemed like a good idea to sketch at the fair, but then lives got complicated, and only Bev & Jane were able to show up!

   Not much gets Bev down. She got right into sketching the people who came to the fair to see the art exhibits. Delightful sketch!

      Jane started her sketch from the outside in, revisiting things she’s always found dear at county fairs, even this one!

✒ July 12, 2019, Lane Country History Museum, Eugene, OR.
We heard that there was a special 50th anniversary display for the Oregon Country Fair at the museum, so we were off to see it!

       Sharon was immediately attracted to the Troll de Bogan, one of the    clan of trolls created by Dave McKay as a performer at the Fair.

   Jane was enchanted with Alya, by Jill Talise, an earth goddess.

   She also loved the old posters (with peach), & more huge puppets.

   The ceramic monsters (or “creatures of disgust”) by James de Russo caught Daisy’s eye. They were pretty hilarious.

     Then she turned around a dared to draw an old spring-seat wagon.

     Katie immediately fell in love with the Oregon Trail covered wagon.

    Then her wagon became the framework for other historic items, including the ceramic creature from the Oregon Country Fair.

✒ June 28, 2019, Oakland, Oregon

   Daisy instigated this trip (she has a friend who lives here), and Sharon was glad to come, too (her daughter lives near).

   Jane and Katie were delighted to come along and sketch here, too.

     Daisy launched right into a watercolor sketch – look, Ma, no pencil or ink lines! What a delightful spirited sketch, with Katie in it, too!

    Sharon used a few light pencil guidelines before going to watercolor – didn’t she do a nice job of capturing these historic building fronts?

   Jane started to do just a skyline approach to the store fronts, then began adding details and commentary. It’s a learning experience!

        Katie added vignette sketches of the store fronts to her page, and when we went inside just could not resist the glass jars of candy.

Inside for lunch: Jane, Sharon, Daisy & her fiber artist friend Jana, Katie, and Sharon’s fiber artist daughter Ronette.  Great time!

✒ June 14, 2010 – Oakway Mall Courtyard

   Jim, Serge

      Barb So, Daisy, Laura

✒  May 24, 2019 – Café Yumm @ Oakway Mall

  Inside: Serge, Bev, Katie, Lona, Sandy (& Jane); outside: Hugh and Daisy braved the nippy weather for an hour or so.

         Comparing palettes for the upcoming sketch trip to Italy: Lona made her first “color map,” Katie found a seal-tight container to hold her M. Graham honey based watercolors, Jane added white gouache!

         Jane focused on the lamps in the cafe window – can you tell which colors are from yellow mixed with gouache, & which are…coffee?

      Serge shared a word design that carried the meaning, then on to dynamic fragments of the Oakway building (Ken would be proud).