#25 TD Zoom

Bitty, Jane, Marsha, Barb So, Bev, Peggy, Daisy, Danita.

      BarbSo has been taking a watercolor class from Shari Blaukopf, and having fun applying what she’s learning to her own sketches.

   Bev finished her beauty acrylic painting for the city art project. Here it is from layout using cutouts, to final painting -wow!

   Bitty is combining field work with quick watercolor sketches (she says the last one’s not done yet, so stay tuned!).

      Daisy did a garden sketch, a sketch of her wonderful muffins, and then participated in a live online model sketch (which was fun!).

      Danita is a natural teacher, here showing her process step by step, with a fabulous result for her bird sketchbook she just started.

   Jane’s smitten with spring green, and having fun with it, too,

Laura’s been busy, but not to busy to finish her Friday sketch from Oakway Center Courtyard.

   Marsha went from an elegant b&w ink sketch to making cards with her loose watercolor iris. She enjoyed making them, lucky recipients.

   Peggy finished her Oakway sketch, too (a tree between trees), then went out with the plein air group to do…more trees!

#24 TD Zoom

The usual suspects plus a new one: Bitty, Jane, Marsha, Bev, BarbSo, Laura, Danita, Peggy!, and Daisy. Welcome Peggy. (Note that Bev is totally preoccupied with the banner she’s doing for a local festival.)

      Bitty just got back from Summer Lake and environs – can she tell she’s in love with rock? Lovely fast sketches.

      One of the things we like about Zoom is being able to see works in process – Jane’s carefully planned page, and a quick tree sketch.

      The first two irises are Marsha’s from a year ago, the last from a few days ago – from very careful details to the loose spirit of the flower!

   Speaking of breaking out of the mold, here’s Barb So’s headstone rubbing with  quick sketch in front, then a moody sketch with pot .

     Laura’s sketches from the cemetery visit zeroed in on plants and designs. It’s interesting to see what catches each artist’s eyes.

   Danita has started a new sketchbook focused on the birds she sees around her at the various feeders they have hanging in trees.

     Peggy had a dramatic sketch from the cemetery, and a tree done with sparkly ink (which doesn’t scan or photograph well, darn it).

    Daisy’s continuing her illustrations for the mystery novel, and wants to continue to do food and flowers (see the new sketchbook entry!).

#22 TD Zoom – so much going on! And we’re going with it.

Marsha, Jane, Danita, Bitty, Daisy, Barb So., Bev, Laura, Hugh.

      Barb So. has such a light joyous approach to her sketches this spring.

   Bev always has a way to make simple things from home be special.

        From closeups to landscapes sketched during a zoom presentation, Bitty is having a wonderful time sketching.

      Daisy did another recipe sketch for a novel, a 2 page spread to celebrate the expedition to Mars, and the traditional field kit sketch.

  Danita’s on a horticulture exploration, and we sure enjoy it!

      Hugh’s artist eye serves him well in sketches from near and far.

   Jane can always be diverted by flowers, but coffee & a Danish-yes!

Marsha’s been preoccupied with installing a new computer, but her tulips still snared her for yet another lovely loose sketch.

      Sandy’s been too busy to get to our Zoom meeting, but not to sketch.

     Rita & husband are off on an exploration, which she’s busy recording.

#21 TD Zoom Meeting – it’s SPRING!

Marsha, Jane, Danita, Bev, BarbSo, Daisy, Hugh, Sandy, Laura.

Laura uses both sides of the pages in her sketchbook, and primarily works in colored pencil. The amaryllis is stunning!

     Sandy has gotten into sketching couples she finds on her walks, and has devoted one sketchbook solely to bird couples!

      Hugh continues to explore with his use of water soluble inks, but has also made a commitment to do at least one digital sketch a week.

Daisy was rightfully proud of her sketch of the bubbling rock fountain at Hendricks Park – great job!

        Barb So sketched her dog in the hyacinths, took a class on direct to watercolor for portraits, and drew a cheerful bird in her yard. Nice!

       Bev is stretching herself – first a bridge detail, then playing with circles (what fun that turned out to be!), and a lovely camellia.

       Danita loves native plants – hence the trillium and the Oregon grape, she also  worked roses into a wreath technique from a zoom class.

      Jane’s double page spreads are quite different from each other. She seems to be spreading her wings in trying out new techniques.

      Just when you think you’ll never get water soluble ink away from Marsha, she surprises you with a watercolor then ink sketch! Wow.

#20 TD Zoom – busy, busy, busy!

Marsha, Jane, Danita, Laura, Bitty, Bev, Daisy, Hugh, Rita, Sandy.

          A cluster of rocks caught Marsha’s eye, and she had a wonderful time playing with them. Then she did a zoom meeting sketch. Fun!

     Reflections of Jane’s experience in the Sketchbook Design class can be seen in her sketching – lots more text, use of headings, & dates.

      Here are several of Danita’s pieces inspired by Sketchbook Revival – the 2 page spreads show how page one developed into an art piece!

      Laura enjoyed Sketchbook Revival, too – lovely watercolor sketches of such diverse topics and techniques. We enjoyed seeing her work.

      Bitty had wonderful work to show from our outing at Hendrick’s Park, and then a quick delightful sketch of folks eating a Tacovore.

    Bev is getting outside to sketch in Brookings. You can sure see her design background in the way she develops her pages – terrific!

      Daisy didn’t waste wait time at the vaccine clinic – sketching it of course! Then a wet-on-wet tulip, & whimsical owl from SR.

      Hugh’s really on a roll exploring his water soluble inks – fast & fun! He’s such a great role model for diving into an art exploration.

      Rita’s a Sketchbook Revival aficionado, too, finding inspirational quotes, collage with pockets, and fun with mark making. Love it.

      You can tell where Sandy goes on her walks, because she’s busy playing Urban Sketcher, with such interesting life captures. Nice!

#19 TD Zoom – Hallelujah for Sketchbook Revival!

While not all of us are participating* in Sketchbook Revival, we’re all being influenced by it and having a great time discovering.

*Laura, *Jane, Marsha, *Bev, *Daisy, Bitty, *Danita, *BarbSo.

          Laura had great fun loosening up with the single line drawings, & the pattern overlay challenges. Then the lovely sketch from Coburg.

  Jane borrowed the “sketch with twigs” idea from Sketchbook Revival for her blueberry limb, & dared to collage thanks to SR, too.

      Marsha’s been busy with family visiting for a birthday celebration, but dashed these off when we met in the park in Coburg Friday.

      Bev says she feels like a kid again, playing with ideas from Sketchbook Revival. Nice car dashboard sketch, & out the window.

   Daisy enjoyed the street crack inspiration for an abstract, and we enjoyed her next novel installment for the brownies!

     Bitty likes doing loose sketches in between her exploratory abstract sketches for her class. Nice break from writing science articles.

      Danita’s discovering how many art tools she has for the Sketchbook Revival exercises, and does she ever put them to good use!

      BarbSo is really into the SR prompts – having great fun sketching with sticks, doing blind line drawings, and doing collage. Yay!

PS – click on the Friday Sketch Group in the menu bar at the top of this page – yes, they’re meeting again, outside & masked! What a joy.

#18 TD Zoom Meeting – trying new (to us) stuff

Bev, Jane, Laura, Marsha, Lealan (here with us taking a break from home remodeling), Danita, Rita, Hugh, Daisy, BarbSo, Sandy, Bitty.

      Barb So is one of several of us participating in Sketchbook Revival. She even made her own sketchbook! Lots of skills taught here. Wow.

      Daisy did the shoe exercise, too, as well as the “one continuous line” and then took it the extra step by making further art from them.

      Danita also did the shoe (grab available tools, 1 min. each!); then the take-off on the cracks in the road; and the playful owl with D’s raven.

      Bitty’s taking a different class, here doing some mark making and then developing them into an abstract painting. Sweet fawn lily, too.

          Marsha’s getting caught up in the water soluble ink trend, starting with the church view from FedEx (see, urban sketching here, too!).

     Sandy was testing out the effects of different inks using the wooden bowl from her dad. Then she shared her new terrific apple discovery.

      Hugh likes the effect water soluble ink gives to a sketch;  if he waits for dried ink (1 hour?) before water brushing, the lines aren’t lost.

        Jane’s still reeling from the design class, still trying 2 page layout, but not so rigid about doing all the design elements. Keep breathing!

         Bev says she was doing her part in just sketching! Delightful, too. And Laura drew first then watercolored, and reversed the process.

      Rita’s sketching what she sees around her, to a delightful effect. She tried splatter, but didn’t like it, and wonders what to do with bunnies.

#17 Zoom Sketch Meeting – concentrated work pays off.

Marsha, Jane, Bev, Daisy, Bitty, Danita, Barb So, & Hugh.

       Marsha has been on a monotone jag lately, pencil as well as ink.  But her drawings are so evocative,  they almost talk to you!

        Jane is done with her sketchbook design class. She’s sick of two page spreads, paying attention to the design of them! But nice, anyway.

          Bev keeps herself busy sketching even though she’s physically quite a ways from us. We certainly enjoy the scenes she captures!

    Daisy’s continuing to illustrate the online mystery novel (with yummy recipes), as well as design fascinating quilts (with pockets?).

      In between Bitty’s exploration of abstract mark making with watercolor, she found time to sketch birds near the river. Cute!

      Danita added more color in the sketches of trees she began at the Rose Garden, and did a charming sketch about creativity – do read it!

      Barb So’s sense of charm & whimsy comes out in these sketches – a frog in flowers, a doily crocheted by her mother, and her sweet dogs.

      Hugh managed to get photos to show six of his sketches in his allotted space for three – interesting notes on them, too.  Good job!

#16 TD Zoom – Busy trying out all kinds of things!

We had Hugh call Sandy into the Zoom room so we could sing happy birthday to her (taking her away from busy tasks). Bitty show up as  a name on black due to iffy internet connection (soon to be fixed).

      Hugh’s enjoying his continuing exploration of soluble ink along with wet color, but back to black for a dramatic night scene! Zowie!

      Rita keeps expanding her scope of topics and styles – charmingly framed cups, a visit to canyon trails, and flowers floating in crystal!

      This sketchbook design stuff is rubbing off on Laura. She put the color swatches she used on the left page, & she did on the right, too!

      Danita is into “meander” books- start with a full page, fold, cut part way through either other fold, she did butterflies one side, flowers on the other. You open it up & twist to get to each section. WOW.

       Barb So’s sketches range from a delicious quiche, to crocus, to a story of how she started sketching & all her sketchbooks in a box.

      First Bitty had a pastel sketch of the Snake River, then a loose watercolor of it, and finally a venture into abstract mark making!

      Daisy is illustrating recipes from an online serial novel! She decided to making cooking & recipe illustration her “Pandemic Project.”

      Bev demonstrates what happens when you’re on your own and wonder what to sketch! Nice little text additions, too. Read them!

      Jane has just about had it with planning 2 page spreads. It’s interesting and challenging, but…she’s back to one page with frames.

      Marsha used #8 pencil doing 5 min. sketches (nice darks!). Then listening to Heather Cox Richardson she sketched her, of course!

a sketching group