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Stress-reduction Sketching

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, Or

Turns out that sketching is a great way to lessen the effects of stress in these stressful times. Here’s a sample of at home sketching:

   Laura enjoyed exploring watercolor for the daily prompt challenge the group is doing, while Tricia is going for landscape spreads.

      Barbara said she discovered she was wearing a variation on three themes at home – robe, painting gear, gardening – fun way to show it!

Then we got down to work in the Rose Garden: Laura, Jim, Barb Sh, Marsha, Peggy.

     Jane, Marsha, Daisy; Tricia. It takes effort to find us all!

      Laura tried her hand a sketching the benches and the gazebo – quite a challenge! But her final sketch turned out to be quite charming!

      Jim chose a different vantage point from the walkway (& ignored the guys doing yoga on the lawn). Nice depth perspective here!

      Marsha caught the guys doing yoga, a bicyclist & walker, and the tree just beginning to turn fall color (graphite pencil & colored pencil).

      Peggy worked on a tree, too, but this one’s deciduous. And she used Japanese brushes with watercolor for a loose effect. Great effect!

      The Japanese anemones caught Jane’s attention. They were so wispy she just did a light pencil & then watercolor & inked frames.

     Barb Sh assured their wispiness by sketching and watercoloring with her non-dominant hand. What a lovely effect she got!

      Daisy got quite botanical in style (nice!), then did a loose watercolor of them, and a sketch of fellow sketcher Jim from behind. What fun.

      Around the corner, Tricia found some autumn crocus, so she did a whole page dedicated to harbingers of autumn, including notes.

And we closed with show &. tell sharing on a picnic table – it’s always so interesting to see what others have sketched, what techniques and tools they’ve used, how they chose to present the topic.

Back Sketching in the Rose Garden

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

Sun lovers: Taro, Hugh, Sandy, Jim, Danita, Marsha.

In the shade of the trees: Danita, Peggy, Marsha, Daisy, Laura

      Taro was new to the group, but he fit right in. We all appreciated his graphic approach, starting with a rock & ending with an overpass!

      Hugh is so ambitious – the garden with gazebo with water soluble crayon, and then a black & white building in ink.

      Sandy sketched the gazebo & garden, too, in her small travel sketchbook. Then she went on to sketch the amenable models.

      Jim noticed the metal arches above Sandy’s head. A few light pencil guidelines, and he was off with ink & watercolor. Fantastic!

      The frame format works well for Jane to do some vignettes of various plants in the garden – there are more than roses here!

      Barb So had a hard time choosing a subject, then did a delightful job of sketching kids playing in the gazebo.

    Barb Sh seemed so casual about the whole thing, but click the photo of her work to see how that Tartarian Cherry tree developed!

      Marsha started in the sun – a sketch of the park benches (& turkeys from home) – then she moved into the shade to sketch Danita!

      Danita was thoroughly engrossed in the rose garden, path & tree. Look closely at the size of her brush,  the tip does roses well!

      Barb So looks to see what Peggy is doing – the Tartarian Cherry! She knew she couldn’t get it on on the page, so she focused on the limbs.

      Daisy was annoyed that car repair (not 2 days, but 2 weeks!) kept her from us, but she made up for lost time! Roses, and Danita.

      Laura tried her hand at a loose watercolor of the cherry tree, then she used ink for definition. She also had a sunflower to show us.

Show & tell time! Taro, Peggy, Laura, Jim, Sandy. What a great time.

Lot of Trees (& Geese) to Sketch Here!

Maurie Jacobs Park, Eugene, OR

The early bird sketchers: Peggy, Jim, Marsha, Katie, Bitty, & Barb Sh.

      Peggy really got into the trees – forms, color, texture.  Well done.

      Nice to have Bitty back. She sketched trees…and Peggy!

      Interesting to see how Hugh started with a line drawing, then color!

      Here are Hugh & Sandy, saying “I may not sketch today.”  But she did.

      Laura & Barb So chat, then Laura gets to work – trees and…

      Marsha went down to the bridge to sketch, & got geese, too. Nice!

      Barb So came across the bridge, hence: trees, people, geese!

      And what’s Barb Sh up to? Geese, geese, and , more geese!

      Jane discovered the frustration of sketching in the shade – green?

      Back from a trip, Jim chose the play equipment, all in context, too.

      Katie was determined to finish last week’s sketch – a house snuck in!

We’re just naturally curious to see each other’s work – Jim, Marsha, Katie, Peggy, Barb So, Sandy, Hugh.

      Marsha, Barb So; Hugh, Laura, Sandy; Jim, Sandy, Hugh, Katie & bike.

     Treat for viewing this far, a Tutti snuggle with Laura & Marsha.

TDs Discover New (to us) Park to Sketch

Maurie Jacobs Park, Eugene, OR

Talk about social distance! Katie, Laura, Marsha, Peggy, Sandy, Hugh (& Jane behind the camera).

       Katie likes her triangle seat chair. She finished up a sketch started at Tugman Park, then started to capture a scene in her neighborhood.

      Laura picked one of the huge trees to sketch – take a look at the details. What else can you see ? What a clever hand she has.

      Back to the colored pencils for Marsha – a different tree from Laura’s, and …. that’s Laura! (tip: a photo keeps the model still)

    Peggy sketched the trees, too, but with a loose watercolor brush, rather than ink or colored pencils. Different effects in all of them.

      Here you can see Sandy setting up her drawing table on a tripod. She started with a loose watercolor, then pen & watercolor for people.

      The only ink that touched Jane’s page was for the frames & heading! Watercolor only sketching is different for her – recognize anybody?

Enjoying shade to sketch in the sunshine

Tugman Park, Eugene, OR

       Sandy, Hugh, & Marsha under the trees; Daisy, Barb So, Tutti, & Laura under the picnic shelter. Jane behind the camera.

      Sandy thought for awhile about what she wanted to sketch, got set up, and sketched Hugh & Marsha exchanging iPad drawing tips!

      Hugh’s discovered apps that correlate with Copic markers – Sketchbook, and Concepts, which he uses in addition to Procreate.

      Marsha likes being able to import a photo, sketch the outline & add layers. But she’s not lost her colored pencil chops either!

      Barb So took on the challenge of the uniquely designed play equipment, then added Tutti for perspective. What a fun sketch!

      Jane brought some washi tape for everyone, and kind of went whacko with it, but got play equipment & little kids in their sun hats.

      Daisy is one of our most prolific sketchers – two sketches of flora, and one of a kid beneath a tree (& you can see Laura behind her).

      You can tell Laura is a plant lover – not just flowers, she also got intrigued with the winged seeds and shrubs. Nicely done.

Parks are so nice for sketching together.

Tugman Park, Eugene, OR

Laura, Barb So, Jane, Hugh, Barb Sh, Sandy, Katie – can you find us?Thanks to photographer, Daisy (& other pics by Sandy).

        Daisy (& Laura) are really getting into metallic paints – what fun! And  here’s Daisy’s painting for today – nice rendition of the wildflowers.

      Laura took a tip from Daisy who used Derwent Inktense pencils on her quilt blocks, only Laura made a children’s book! And here she is.

   Barb So and Daisy were busy at their end of the table – lovely tree sketch by Barb. She always had such a dreamy approach.

      BarbSo chats with Hugh while he’s using his adapted camera tripod easel. What’s he sketching? The day camp going on in front of him.

     Barb Sh was really productive today capturing the action around her – first a couple of sketchers, then all the kids running about.

   It was so nice to have Katie back with us, and what’s she sketching? Oh my gosh, she’s taking on the convoluted new play equipment!

       Sandy took advantage of the sketchers as models, too, and is getting really good at sketching Jane’s dog, Tutti.

      Jane’s still enjoying playing with her water soluble pens (brown & turquoise, which when mixed turn a nice color of green).

      And here’s Tutti the Terrific. His modeling fee is really inexpensive – just a little attention, please, and cuddle & a pat are all that’s needed.

Back at the Park in Coburg, Sketching of course

Norma Pfeiffer Park, Coburg, OR

Another beautiful day for sketching in the park – Peggy (behind the tree leaves), Sandy, Hugh, Marsha, Daisy (Jane behind camera).

      Here’s Peggy! She really got into the detail of the neighborhood scene, and what a difference ink makes!

      Jane discovered that her two water soluble inks (brown & turquoise) when blended with a water brush make green! What fun.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what Marsha and Daisy are doing, when the conversation revolves around quilting…

      Daisy’s found a great combination – sketching on what will become quilt blocks! And she still makes time for some loose watercolor.

   Marsha is back to colored pencil (which she uses so well), and says “It’s not done yet!” Colored pencil does take time – check back.

      Hugh focused on his iPad today, using both his right and left hands – can you tell? A shaggy dog (Jane’s Tutti) made a perfect model.

      Whatcha doin’, Sandy? Sketching Tutti, but he won’t stay still! So she ended up with a whole collection of “gestural” sketches of him.

      Sandy shows her sketches to the model, who seems vaguely interested. OK, now, let’s pose for the camera!

And it’s time for show & tell – Peggy, Hugh, Daisy, Marsha, Sandy. (Tutti on the ground, Jane behind the camera.) What a nice day.

We discover a great park for sketching!

Norma Pfeiffer Park, Coburg, OR

We’d planned to meet at the Pavilion, but adjacent to it was this great park with tables! Above: Daisy, Helga, Marsha, (Tutti), & Laura.

      First the check in & catch up – Marsha with Helga, then Laura.  Daisy tried the great new gold pigment by Fine Tec that Laura brought.

      What caught Marsha’s eye? A charming house across the street behind a huge tree. And she’s back to colored pencils – so delightful.

       Helga looked the other way across the street, intrigued by a trellis covered with sweet peas. Quite a perspective challenge.

      Laura’s become a daily sketcher (great way to build skill). The play equipment here was overwhelming – she got those swings swinging!

      Daisy has one sketchbook just for watercolor ( getting loose!). She took on the challenging play equipment, too. Nothing regular here!

      Jane did a bit of everything, using the Tombow fudenosuke brush pen, and TWSBI fountain pens with water soluble ink – Color Verse “Coffee Break,” and Robert Oster “Lake of Fire.”



Sketching at the Sanctuary

Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, OR

We cherished our time sketching at Tricia’s – sketch review by Helga, Satoko, Daisy, Laura, Tricia, Marsha (Jane behind camera).

      Helga found an interesting spot in the garden – a view from one end, then a view from the other. She’s  enjoying doing them in graphite.

      Daisy’s in the garden, too, but she prefers to work with watercolor. She doesn’t even use any pencil before going to watercolor! Nice.

      Tricia’s a big picture gal, doing a two page spread, direct to watercolor, too.  But where’s the focal point, she muses….

      Jane does it all – pencil pre-sketch, ink (both water soluble and permanent), & watercolor from her tiny palette. Too much fun!

       Marsha is in the garden, too – trying wax crayon, then black ink lining for definition.  She even got a sketch in of…Laura!

      And here’s Laura. She does  ink sketches in the garden, then gores to wax crayon (which she says is a challenge in the warm sun!).

      Ta dah! Satoko! She loves sketching the trees with wet-on-wet watercolor. It sure works for her – what wonderful sketches.

Scattered Sketching at Pisgah

Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, OR

We were pretty scattered around the place sketching at first.

      Here’s Katie getting set up while Barb Sh heads out for the hinterlands. Katie did such a sweet sketch of the landscaping.

      Marsha appreciated having the picnic table to spread out all her art tools. And didn’t she do a nice job of the dense forest view!

      Jane was looking at the pavilion beyond Marsha, and had fun exploring the effects of the water soluble ink in her new TWSBI pen.

      Peggy (with Sandy & Hugh beyond her) had a great set-up with the little folding travel table she’d made – super tree sketch, too!

      Hmm, Sandy seems to be thinking, then adds another layer of watercolor to her brush only sketch – look at those terrific trees!

      Hugh had a bit of an elevated point of view – that splash of roof color made a difference, as well as his wife’s colorful garb. Nice sketch.

      Laura made the most of the trees – both sitting in the shade of one, and capturing the grace of a limb & nearby nature. Sweet!

      Daisy had a terrific time sketching, first the tree branch, then… the hats we were all wearing! What a fun sketch for remembering us.

      Helga found a viewpoint in front of the old barn. She’s getting quite proficient at perspective, and this is a nice application of it.

      Then Tricia emerged from sketching on the river – what lovely sketches! She liked Barb Sh’s rubbings of the ceramic trail plaques.

      In addition to the rubbings, Barb Sh did a quick sketch of Helga with the trees in the background, then a barn sketch with her left hand!

Here we are gathered for the show & tell – Peggy, Daisy, Helga, Laura, Marsha, Katie, Tricia, Sandy & Hugh. (Barb Sh still sketching!)