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When is enough enough?

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

Heidi posed the question, “When is enough enough?”  and we all chimed in with our ideas and examples, and kept changing our minds.


Penelope started – here’s the sketch of her sandal from last week, now “enough” with shadows, contrast, and journal notes. Ta dah!


Jane began her ink sketch of a seed pod Heidi brought. Then she added color & announced she was “done.” Except that she needed to do a little values contrast & color work…oh, and some notes…

IMG_4797     Seed pods



Sandy & Erik dove right in – Sandy with an ink sketch of the berried bough, Erik with an initial pencil outline of a scene from the UO campus he saw yesterday with his brother.


IMG_4799   IMG_4804

As Sandy’s ink sketch developed, she added an oak boll.  Now she’s wondering if it needs color…watercolor? colored pencils? Stay tuned.


Erik’s pencil outline begins to take definition – ink next? color?


Barb Shirk sketched the oak boll, too – first an outline in brown ink, then more detail, and finally a shadow and commentary, below.

IMG_4798     IMG_4814


IMG_4791     IMG_4801

Heidi & Jo pondered their initial sketches – Heidi’s a soft colored pencil sketch of mint gone to seed, Jo’s the mystery seed pod.


But then they got side tracked asking Hugh for advice, gladly given.

IMG_4796      IMG_4812

Heidi tried adding some ink detail definition, then color background.

IMG_4800      IMG_4805

Hugh added color and contrast to his sketch of the table corner.

IMG_4809   IMG_4811

Barb A began her sketch with a bit of watercolor onto her light pencil sketch, then continued to drop color adding depth and life.


And when Heidi shared the autumn leaf she had done on vacation, we all agreed it was “enough.”  And then some!

They’re Baaaack!

– New Day Bakery, Eugene, OR.


Barb Shirk, Ken, Jane, Sue Ashton (from the LaRomita trip 2014), Tricia, and Erik were the first to show up (with Amy behind the camera).

IMG_4760    IMG_4752

And here’s Amy, doing an impressionistic wash for her sketch, while Ken tries to tempt everyone with the French Toast (which Erik recommended), taking a break from sketching the leaf bouquet.

IMG_4755   IMG_4754

Hugh started a loose sketch of the leaves, too, and Erik worked on an image he had in his mental files (“As usual,” he says).

IMG_4766   Erik's setup

Penelope grins while Barb Shirk sketches a lizard from a photo taken in Italy, and Jane sketches Erik’s set up across the table.

IMG_4759   IMG_4764

Tricia and Sue get acquainted, while Sue demonstrates her famous lap sketching technique on the vase of leaves on the table.


Tricia says she’s trying to get looser in her sketching! (although we agreed we like her detail work, too).

IMG_4763   IMG_4772

Meanwhile, Hugh is sketching outside with brush pens, and Sandy shows Ken her sketch of people in the courtyard.

IMG_4771   IMG_4770

Penelope says, “I was, too, sketching!” And here’s her sketch of her shoe to prove it.


Everything Old is New Again…

New Day Bakery, Eugene, OR –

Several of us were just back from a sketch tour of Italy, so we had old things to show, new things to explore together.


Rita joined us (from the Italy tour), Ken was in teaching interaction form, then Barb Sommers, Erik, Amy (from the Watershed Gallery), Barb Shirk (& Jane behind the camera as usual, with folks yet to come: Sandy, Barb A, & Hugh).

IMG_4708 IMG_4707

Barb S came with art samples from the Italy trip (snail special!)

IMG_4709     IMG_4706

Amy was just getting back into sketching, so Ken brought in some leaves for messing about, which Jane doodled with, too.

IMG_4717     IMG_4730

And while Amy was caught up in the teachable moment, Erik proceeded to capture her hands in painting action!

IMG_4734   IMG_4710

Barb Shirk revisited images from the Italy trip, while Barb Sommers sketched & painted what was in front of her.

IMG_4732  IMG_4731

Hugh showed up in time to appreciate some of Barb So’s work, and Barb A showed up in time to get welcome hugs from Sandy.

IMG_4705    IMG_4739

While Ken conferred with Rita about photos from Italy, Barb A started her own version of the pumpkin & leaf.

IMG_4733  IMG_4737

Then Sandy took a picture of the interesting sunflower stock Rita found & is sketching, then she did her own take on it.


And just to show that sketchers never quit, and that everything in front of them is fair game, here’s Sandy with her sketch of Erik!


Outside the Market of Choice

We had a pretty big crew show up today!


From right: Barbara Sommers, Jan Brown, Barbara Shirk, Hugh Larking, Penelope Youngfeather, Sandy Larkin, and Erik Johnson (taking the photo)



Hugh tackled the whole scene.



Barbara Sh. had just returned from La Romita and shared her sketchbook with everyone.    What fun!  We were all envious.



Barbara So. brought an apple and a pear from the market, and she, Erik, and Sandy drew them.  Erik drew his “N” backwards.  Ooops.


Penelope did a nice drawing of her watercolor box.  I think she spent most of the time looking at Barbara’s sketchbook from La Romita.  In fact, we all visited more than sketched, but still got some NICE DRAWINGS!




Friendly Street!

photo 1 While everyone (Heidi, Penelope, Sndy, and Hugh) were working on their pictures, photo 3 Jan was taking photos! photo 2 Hugh finished a nice drawing based on his and Sandy’s recent travels. photo 1 While Sandy concentrated on a nearby still life. photo 4 Penelope was attracted to a single holly leaf! photo 2 Jan worked on planning her next ceramic project. vCCMQ And Heidi was playing with pictures of fruit.

In the Brewery Neighborhood for Breakfast


photo 2

This week we met at the New Day Bakery in the Whiteacre neighborhood.  Again missing Jane, but everybody ( Jan, Penelope, Barb A. and Erik) had fun anyway.  It was a beautiful day.

photo 5

photo 2

Penelope was touching up previous sketches

photo 3

Barb A. was attracted to the morning glories on the fence.

photo 3

Erik loves those figs and added a little color to them.

photo 4

He also took a few photos.

photo 1

Jan made a nice drawing of the Kokopelli on the fence, and added a beautiful orange.

Missing Jane at the Hideaway

photo 3

Our group met at the Hideaway Bakery today.  We were few but we had a lot of fun.  Everyone missed you, Jane, but we all hope you’re having a great time in Italy!

photo 4

Sandy was drawing the kids in the sandbox and the customer at the next table.

photo 7

Jan was attracted by the clientele as well.  And the Chairs.

photo 5

Again, Erik was off on a tangent.  What IS that, anyway?

photo 6

Nice drawing, Hugh! These chairs were, indeed rather interesting.

At Alton Baker Park Picnic Shelter


It was beautiful weather for a sketching session under the shelter from the sun with plenty of table space to draw near the Willamette River with great views.


Hanna did a beautiful watercolor of the nearby trees.


Jane concentrated on a nearby rock sculpture.



As usual, Erik ignored the scene, and drew something he remembered from a few weeks earlier.



Sandy produced several sketches in her black paper sketchbook.


Jim and Joby arrived a little later on their bikes.


Jim peddled off and left Joby to do a nice sketch of the trees and lawn; After visiting and drawing, off she went again on her bike.



Hugh worked on pictures of the local scenery this time.



Jane and Jan were hard at work on the trees and grass.


We missed getting a photo of Barbara’s finished work,  But here is a nice shot of the  beginning.



What to Sketch, What to Sketch….at Thistledown Farm


First we had to check it all out – Barb Shirk and Jan found the donkey & pony first, then Erik discovered the donkey.



IMG_3522     IMG_3492


Ooooo, grasses, and flowers, and poppies going to seed…


OK – down to work: Jan, Tricia, Erik, Barbs Shirk & Sommers.

IMG_3494     IMG_3498


Erik quickly has a sketch of Jan, and Barb Sh. begins the donkey.

IMG_3500    IMG_3499


Tricia dives into the flowers, and Jan captures the top of the building.

IMG_3524    IMG_3511


Tricia with her completed page, and here’s Jan’s – how charming!



Jan admires Erik’s sketch of her (soon to be her profile pic!).

IMG_3506    IMG_3515

Remember the donkey?  Here’s how Barb Sh’s sketch evolved.

IMG_3518    IMG_3519

Erik starts a new flower sketch, while Barb Aten (across the table) and Jane (sketch above) take on the challenge of the figs.

“Chipping the Block, Painting on Silk: Norma Bassett Hall”

Chipping the Block, Painting the Silk:The Color Block Prints and Serigraphs of Norma Bassett Hall

The Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art presents the work of Oregon-born Norma Bassett Hall’s 25 year career as a printmaker from August 23 to October 12, 2014.  As the first solo exhibition of Hall’s work since her death in 1957, Chipping the Block, Painting the Silk: The Color Block Prints and Serigraphs of Norma Bassett Hall is the first opportunity to see more than sixty of her prints in Oregon since just five were shown in a 1930 group retrospective at the Portland Art Association.

Guest curator Joby Patterson, a researcher and teacher, has been involved with fine prints for more than thirty years.  Her upcoming book, Norma Bassett Hall: Catalogue Raisonné of the Block Prints and Serigraphs, traces the creative life of Hall and her spouse.  Patterson will share her adventures in uncovering Hall’s life and work and lead a tour of the exhibition on Saturday, August 23, at 2 p.m.  A reception and book signing will follow.