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More Than Just Roses!

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR
1   2While there were lots of roses, there were also lots of other flowers blooming. Barb Shirk holds up Jane’s sketch of the rose arch behind.

5    6Barb Sommers took photos of the mystery spikes (cardamon behind her), while Barb Shirk focused on the poppies and love-in-a-mist, with Erik prowling around in the background. Tricia arrived about the time we had decided it was still too chilly to stay outside.

7So Barb Sommers, Erik, Barb Shirk, and Jane went to 5th St. Market.
Note all but Erik referring to images captured on their phones. He said he’d check his later!

3    4The Barbs caught us up on what they’d been sketching – Barb Shirk added a toad lily to her toad page, and Barb Sommers added a favorite spoon to her cup page.

8    9Jane sent Sandy a text about where we were, so she came by to work on her calendar sketches while Jane did a California poppy.

10  11  12Erik in process – pencil, ink, colored wax crayons.  He overheard Jane & Sandy talking about mixing oil paint to make pink & having it end up kind of flat – his solution? Start with pink pigment to begin with! His sketch was of Barb Sommers touching the cardamon plant.

13  14  15Barb Shirk began with pencil & moved into watercolor pencil – we aren’t sure what this flower is…a mallow of some sort? Elegant.


Then Tricia showed up to give her sketch report – more than just roses at the garden, that’s for sure! Love the vignettes.

In Two Places at Once!

Mt. Angel Abbey, & Perugino’s in Eugene – thanks to technology!

1-Penelope-car    2-BarbA,Pene,JaneThe idea was to go up to Mt. Angel Abbey to see the Valley Calligraphy Guild show – here we are in process, as seen by Penelope’s sketch from the back seat, and the three of us in a selfie in front of a piece of art – Barb A., Penelope, & Jane.

And then we got a text from the Eugene contingent at Perugino’s!

3-PeruginoHeidi, Sandy, & Jan, loving the immediacy of sketching in town. (We also got a text from Erik, who was even more immediate, at home!)

4-1Jan    4-b-Jan'sHere’s Jan, hard at work – completing the sketchbook page she started last week with a delightfully complex background design.

5-a-Heidi    5-b-Heidi'sHeidi is still enjoying exploring colored pencil – look at the depth!

6-1-Sandy     6-Sandy'sSandy is using colored pencil, too – look at the color richness here!

7-Pene,Barb-viewing    8-Pene-sketchMeanwhile, back at the Abbey, Penelope & Barb A are entranced by the art work in the calligraphy show, & Penelope copied a quote.

9-Jane-Mt Angel Gift Store    10-Jane-Mt Angel ChurchJane did a quick sketch in the Abbey gift shop, and then in the church where they heard a sung service (she later explored using the Pitt white marker pen with water brush for light around the crucifix).

11-a-Barb-photo   11-b-Barb-finalBarb was entranced by the architecture and sculptures, but got in a quick sketch during the church service, too. Nice style contrast.

12-a-Pene-sketches       12-b-Pene-finalIt’s interesting to see how Penelope’s sketchbook page developed, with little vignettes which captured the whole experience.  Well, except for lunch, and the performance at the Glockenspiel:

GlockenspielWe may have to come back here again! Or go to Perugino’s.





A Friendly Exchange of Ideas

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

1 - all     2Here we are gathered together for another exchange of ideas and inspiration – Sandy, Jan, Erik, Barb Sh. & Heidi (with Penelope somewhere, and Jane behind the camera).  Barb Shirk showed us the last addition to her frog fountain page – a Frog with presence!

3    4 Heidi had a question for Erik in working with wax crayons – how do you get the fine tree detail. Erik promptly loaned her his tiny bladed knife to scratch out where the trees will go.

5    6Meanwhile, Penelope (I told you she was here) was perusing the Maurice Sendak books Barb brought along to share his sketch style.

7    8Heidi has a lot of projects going – here, working on negative space to reveal the leaves, wondering about using watercolor later – Barb talks to her about getting fine watercolor pencil lines in the veins.

9   9.5   10Barb shows her how she did that on a leaf. Jan uses a different approach with marker & water brush. So Heidi gamely begins.

11      12Suddenly it’s quiet at the table. Here’s what Barb is up to – adding a quirky dog misbehavior to her earlier sketch of the little “oh-oh” girl.

13     14Sandy’s up to the usual – sketching the table inhabitants (including Erik), and Erik is doing the same in sketching Sandy, and Jan is sketching Barb Shirk (in the middle).

15   16   17Penelope takes a page she started while waiting in a line at the Post Office (a sketcher is never bored), and adds pieces of people and art tools from the table right now! (See Barb’s shirt at the table end?)

18    19 Jane adds a value wash and watercolor to a sketch she did at home, and then does a sketch of what’s in front of her with a wash. (Can you tell she’s taking a class from Steven Reddy?)


Friendly Encounters

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

allThe prediction (which was wrong) was for rain, so we headed to a warm shelter in the Friendly St. Market – Penelope, Barb Shirk, Erik, Sandy, Barb A (& Jane behind the camera).

BarbSh-dark     Pen, BarbSh-1Barb Shirk showed us her finished “dark” sketch from last week, then she and Penelope got down to new sketching business.

Penelope-SandyPenelope & Sandy had a laugh about the idea of “are you drawing me while I’m drawing you?”

Pen-2    Sandy-Erik And sure enough, Penelope was drawing Sandy (& Erik, & a scone), but Sandy was sketching people at the table beyond us.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2Meanwhile, Barb Shirk captured the sweet moment she observed.

BarbA-1   BarbA-2Barb Aten liberated a model because of it’s interesting label.

Erik-1   Erik-2 Erik-3Erik quickly brought an old memory into a lovely colored sketch.

Jane-1    Jane-2And Jane spent the whole time exploring the effect of using different pens (& discovering back home that, yes,  paper matters!)

Turning Light into Dark

Jane’s Backyard, Eugene, Oregon

1-allIt all started out in the light – a lovely sunny day in the backyard, with Barb Shirk, Ken, Erik, Heidi, Barb A, Tricia, Patti McNutt, Sandy, Jan, Barb Sommers (& Jane behind the camera, of course).

K-TOOLSThen Ken got out the free tools – what’s that, what’s that, how does that work – oh my gosh! Patti, Tricia, Barb A, & Sandy gather around Ken who’s sharing his bounty.

Ken-begins     Heidi, Barb A, PattiAnd then the sketching began – Ken sketching with a purple ink pen because that’s what he had; Heidi with wax crayons, Barb A with watercolor, and Patti with pastel pencils (like Conté).

Jane    Jane-blossomJan caught our hostess Jane & Qi in a quiet moment; Jane actually did manage to do a quick sketch of the pink strawberry blossom.

dark-Ken-dark_edited-1   K-BarbS0After Ken took a look at his own work, he started circulating, and that ‘s when things started going dark.  Well, darker. Here with Barb Sommers, encouraging her to get darker values.

K-Sandy    K-Heidi

K-Tricia    darker-Tricia-darkerHe gave Tricia the extra tip of working other colors into the darker values to give more integration & life to the sketch – OH! she said.

darker-BarbSh-darker_edited-1    darker-BarbA, PattiBarb Shirk gets darker line definition going, while Barb Aten & Patti add darker values to their sketches.

darker-BarbSo- darker    darker-Jan-darkerBarb Sommers and Jan also added darker values into their work.

darker-Sandy, Erik, Heidi-darker      Erik's BarbShSandy, Erik, and Heidi getting serious – Erik’s sketch of Barb Shirk.

sketch sprawl      darker-Ken-darkerThen it was time for the sketch sprawl – spread out your sketchbook, Ken said, and we did. After we all got a chance to look and make comments (see below), Ken said, this doesn’t mean you’re done. And he grabbed up a damp cloth someone had used with their watercolor and dabbed it on his own sketch, adding darker values around his original sketch. Ken’s ever the teacher, and we appreciate it!


What’re you gonna draw? I dunno. What’re you…

Jane Harrison’s, Eugene, OR

3Sitting on the back deck in Jane’s yard, slightly stunned by the lovely spring morning.

1   2   4Erik & Barb Shirk looking, looking; Sandy & Barb Aten focusing;
Tricia getting right into it, of course!

Erik-1   Erik-2And Erik is off!  Off on a memory of him & his Dad eating ice cream back in 1987.  What a great memory!

BarbS-1    BarbS-2Barb Shirk finished her sketch of the shooting star wild flowers, and added a stylized version from a book Heidi brought last week.  Then she started sketching a pine cone from Jane’s yard.

fountain-1    fountain-2    fountain-3Sandy and Barb Aten focused on the frog in the fountain, from slightly different angles but you could almost hear him croaking!

Jane-1    Jane-2 Jane was intrigued with a montage format used by Ros Jenke (one of the Artist’s Journal Workshop artists on Facebook), so she printed out Ros’ sketch, and started playing around with the same style.Jane-3    Jane-4It was fun to see how the approach presented her back yard!

Tricia-1    Tricia-2    Tricia-3Tricia had her own vignette montage twist with images in the yard.


Always Exchanging Tips

Coffee Plant Roasters, Eugene, OR

all-1We always enjoy picking up tips from one another – a chilly day, so it was good to be inside with good coffee, too! Sandy, Ken, Barb Shirk (with her back to us) Jan, & Barb Sommers (Jane behind camera).

Sandy      Heidi-JanSandy was busy replicating noted paintings from the calendar she got from Barb Shirk (a lot be learned in that activity!), while Heidi and Jan exchanged ideas about architecture & building projects.

BarbSh-snail      BarbSH-juryBarb Shirk had her finished snail to show, as well as her keep busy sketch from her day on jury duty.  Well, waiting to be on jury duty…

BarbSh-slice      BarbSh-faceWhen Jane took the picture of Barb sketching a wildflower in her sketchbook, she realized that she kept getting just slices of Barb’s face in photos, so here she is laughing – more than just a nose!

Heidi-testing-1       Heidi-testing-2Heidi was just testing out a new art tool, she said (the colored pencils by Staedler), turning out a lovely landscape in the process.

view       Ken-pen-1Here’s what we were seeing out the window.  Sandy & Heidi were interested in the watercolor loaded brush pen Ken was using.

Ken-tree-1      Ken-tree-2Here’s the way Ken’s sketch of the tree started to develop.

Jan-tree-1      Jan-tree-2And here’s how Jan’s sketch of the tree developed.

Ken-Jan-trees-1      Ken-Jan-trees-2When Ken & Jan started comparing their approaches to sketching the tree, Ken said he’d been inspired by Jan’s sketch last week. Then Jan looked at her current sketch and was baffled about what to do to complete it.  Add a car, Ken said! So she did, and so did he:

Jan-tree-final          Ken's tree-final

Biscotti Prankster Heaven

At Barbara Sommers’ in Eugene, OR

all-2   all-Ken-Barbs-2Barbara Sommers invited us to her home, and quite a crowd showed up! Sandy, Jan, Barb Sommers, Penelope, Barb Shirk, Jane, Erik; Ken, Barb Sommers & Barb Aten. She supplied home cooked biscotti!

BarbSo-1   Penel-5Barb Sommers showed us her version of the clothing store with ribbons from last week (remember Tricia’s?), and Penelope showed us her journal entries from her gardening & doctor visit last week.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2Barb Shirk had finished the lawn ornament she started, and then began to sketch from a photo of a wonderful snail – wonder how this will all work together…keep coming back to see!

Erik-1     Erik-2   Erik had been talking about putting together the perfect combination of spring blooming plants in an imaginary yard:

Jan-3   Jan's View   Jan-6Jan was looking out the dining room window, and slowly the arbor-vitae appeared, and then the cars (which she said became Fiats!).

Jane-1     Jane-2 Jane was enchanted with the images on her coffee cup – done first with pen, then markers, then water soluble ink.

Sandy-1       Sandy-Ken-1
Sandy started sketching Ken’s biscotti, then his sketch of the same.Sandy-Ken-3So then Ken drew a replica of his sketch in the space she’d blocked out for it on her page.

Sandy-Ken-4    Sandy-Ken-5Now, how to draw the hand drawing while holding the pen… Ta dah!

Sandy-Ken-Penel    sk-BarbSo-2       Penelope drew both Ken & Sandy drawing the biscotti.  Barb Sommers drew not only the biscotti, but also the art tools.

white-1   white-2   white-3Meanwhile, folks couldn’t resist trying the various white pens Jane had brought – Penelope tried the Signo Uni-Ball, Barb Shirk the Sharpie oil based, and Jan the Sharpie water based.  Have to wait to see the results of using the Faber-Castell Pitt white pen, & the Bistro Chalk Marker by Marvy Uchida in our unending search for the perfect white for the perfect occasion.




Catching Up and Moving On

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

First, the catching up….

oilp-Erik-2       1-ErikRemember Erik’s from the last session? Here’s where the trial went!

oilp-Ken-3      1-KenKen had a perfectly good sketch, but gave in to water brush effects.

Jan-model      1-Jane's treeJane couldn’t resist playing with Jan’s tree model from last week.

2-Erik       1-TriciaHere’s what Erik & Tricia did since last meeting.

1- groupKen shared photos of charming sculptures done by his high school art teacher, Larry Goldade. Watch for a show at Watershed soon!

BarbSh-1       BarbSh-2Barb Shirk showed us her long hair dachshund sketch, and then the secret of her watercolor pencils – licking her water brush!

Ken-2     Erik-Amy-Ken-2Ken’s concentration on steadying his watercolor brush quickly got trumped by being able to share breakfast with Erik & Amy Gibson.

Jan-1     Jan-2Jan found her sketch models across from us – look what she chose to include and what to exclude, then check out Barb Sommers’ below:

BarbSo-1   BarbSo-2

Sandy-1     Sandy-2Sandy started with sketching people, but got distracted by a postcard Ken brought with a Geisha – how enchanting is that!

Tricia-2     Tricia-3Meanwhile, Tricia’s eye was caught by the colorful clothes outside the window, but what to do with all the space on the page? So she selected a portion of the ribbon display, and let some ends loose.

From Waxy to Wet

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

1-choicesBarb Sommers, Jan, Heidi, & Sandy ponder art materials – here the book Ken brought along regarding classic Roman lettering, and the pot of bright red ranunculi Jane brought to share.

Fiona     oilpas-JanKen interrupted Erik’s wax crayon sketch with a chuckle over the sketch his granddaughter Fiona did in his sketchbook.  Jan shows Heidi the difficulty she had with smudging with white wax crayon.

2-startThen Erik made it even more complicated by talking about techniques for using Caran d’Ache water soluble wax crayons, which got Ken trying them immediately (while Barb Shirk pours over the book on lettering, and Barb Sommers & Jan get busy sketching).

oilp-Erik-1     oilp-Erik-2
Ken admires the layers of dark color Erik got on a previous sketch, & Erik launches into a new one (come back to see the finish of it!).

oilp-Ken-1   oilp-Ken-2   oilp-Ken-3Ken looks at his initial sketch, then tries a wax pencil that Sandy shared, with the results at the right – nice definition & depth!

oilp-Sandy-1    oilp-Sandy-2 Sandy starts out with an ink line drawing, then begins adding color with the Caran d’Ache wax pencils (different from the crayons).

oilp-Sandy-3    oilp-Sandy4She adds layers of color shade until she’s satisfied – well, yeah!

oilp-Heidi-1     oilp-Heidi-3Heidi uses the wax crayons creating a memory – a Bavarian meadow!

BarbSh-1   BarbSh-pen1   BarbSh-water3Barbara Shirk gets a critique from Ken on one of her sketchbook pages, then (ignoring the wax crayons!) starts a new one, featuring one of her daughter’s dogs (a long-haired dachshund).

Jan-model     Jan-TomboLooking out the window we see Jan’s view, then back on her page is her sketch using Tombo brush pens. That yellow sings!

BarbSo-water-1     BarbSo-water-2Barb Sommers couldn’t resist sketching the flowers, using ink along with her usual deftness with a soft watercolor.

ranun-Jane1      red ranunculas-blue potJane’s always complaining about being too tight & detailed – here’s her initial ink sketch, and the watercolor treatment she gave it when she got home.  Is that loosening up??? Uh….