Summery Sketching

New Day Bakery courtyard, Eugene, OR

Hard to believe we’re looking for a shady spot, but suddenly it’s hot in Eugene! We were happy to welcome newcomer Anne Tiegen, too.

Barbs,Anne,Sharon     BarbSh-rabbitBarb Sommers starts sketching while Barb Shirk shows Anne and Sharon Heinz her typical sketchbook pages, in which one image leads to another. Wonder how her rabbit page will develop!

BarbSh-start   BarbSh-brushpenBarb started adding a sketch of Barb Sommers underneath the clematis arbor, then took up the challenge of using the brush pen.

BarbSo-start   BarbSo-inkHere’s Barb Sommers with first a pencil outline, & how it looks inked.

Anne-Jane   Anne-start2   Anne-designAnne, a dedicated painter, gamely launched into sketching folks at the table, then got inspired for a possible design for a painting.

Jan-start    Jan-developedJan was tempted by the clematis over the courtyard entry, then went on to include the brilliant colored balcony across the street!

Jane-hose      Jane-New Day CourtyardJane first ignored the courtyard flowers, and focused on the hose hanging on the wall between Anne & Sharon; then the flowers.

Sharon-start    Sharon-colorpencilSharon started out with graphite pencil, then added colored pencil.

Trish,Anne,Sharon,Erik    Erik-startThen Tricia and Erik showed up – here’s Erik’s sketch.

Tricia-start    Tricia-watercolorTrisha began her sketch with ink, then added watercolor.

Jim,Joby,Sandy,Hugh   Joby'sMeanwhile, a report from the road – here are sketchers Joby (with husband Jim), Sandy & Hugh taking a break from their bicycling outing up the valley, along with the sketch Joby managed to sneak in from their stop at Thompson Flour Mill near Halsey.


Relishing Time in the Rose Garden

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

At last, a warm sunny day on a Tuesday! We were beginning to think we were hexed on our scheduled sketch day.

Jan & ErikJane & Erik happily enjoyed sketching there, Jan shaded, Erik in sun.

BarbSo's truck      BarbSo sketching    It’s a bit difficult to see in the shade, but Barb Sommers brought her sketch of the truck from the Farmers Market, then on to sketching.

Jan's river    Jan's new styleJan showed her abstracted sketch of a creek bottom – too weird? How about this one of Kokopeli?  NO, we all agreed – very cool!

Tricia sketching  Tricia startTricia found a place in the shade, and decided to work on contrast.

Erik starts    Erik - color   Erik got those preliminary arches down just right, and the foliage began to grow (until hunger pangs took him away for lunch!)

Jan - developing    Jan - done  Jan’s style blends expressionism with just enough representation – so charming and full of life.

BarbSo - color    BarbSo - doneBarb Sommers made a sweet sketch of the wild geranium, and beside it the tiny blossoms of feverfew – so light and delightful.

Tricia - developing   Tricia - doneAnd here’s how Tricia’s study in contrasts evolved – some leaves were in the direct sun, some in deeper shade. Well done!

Jane-Owen Rose Garden

Jane was busy taking photos, and doing little design vignettes from  the plants in bloom all around them. What a lovely special day!

In and Out (but no burgers)

New Day Bakery, Eugene, OR

Another Tuesday of iffy weather sent us to New Day Bakery, which has the luxury of being warm and dry inside, and when (if?) the sun comes out we can adjourn to the colorful courtyard. Here we are:

1-all    1-Jane

Tricia, Sandy, & Erik get right at it.  Jane did a little more on the sketch she started at Riverview Café at Riverbend Medical Center.

1-Tricia   2-TriciaTricia catches us up on a recent trip. What’s going in the little box at the bottom left? Come back next week to see!

1-Erik     2-ErikErik takes advantage of a nearby model – did he captured that mood?

1-Sandy     2-SandySandy dutifully started sketching food & drink, but also got enticed by the guy modeling across from her.

4-all    3-ErikThen it started warming up outside, so Erik, Sandy, & Jane were happy to move.  Here’s Erik’s sketch of the bike across the patio.

Kokopeli, acanthus    KokopeliKokopeli & the acanthus molis caught Jane’s eye for vignettes.

3-Sandy        LiliesSandy was intrigued with all the flowers in bloom.

4-TriciaAnd Tricia captured the whole colorful scene, with comments, too.

Sketch-shopping at the Market

Farmers Market, Eugene, OR

Rita-FarmMarkNow here’s a sketch (by Rita) you might expect of the local scene!

Rita-Sandy-1    Rita-JapanRita Cavin was just back from her Asian cruise, and thought our mentor, Ken O’Connell, would particularly like her Kyoto trees. We sure like them!

Sandy-BarbSo   BarbSo-RoseGardenSandy was interested in what Barb Sommers had done in her sketchbook since we last met. Roses from the Rose Garden!

Jane-truck     Sandy-truckThe farm goods truck caught the eyes of Jane & Sandy, both of whom swore off trying to sketch trucks ever again. It was sort of fun.

Sharon     Sharon-FarmMarkSharon Heinz, who attended Ken’s sketch class at Emerald Art Center last week, joined us.  A watercolor painter, she said her goal was to loosen up – looks like she accomplished her goal! We were happy to have her with us.

Viewing the Rain from Riverview Café

RiverView Café, RiverBend Medical Center, Springfield, OR

Our original reason for going there was to see the display of Patti McNutt’s art (please click the photos to see a larger view):

1-birds    2-Patti-bioHere are Patti’s fabulous birds at the entry of the cafe, and here she is herself re-creating her photo in her artist’s statement!  (She has  a problem with being overly serious about herself, but we love her.)

3-view      4-crewHere’s the beautiful rainy view, and the sketchy crowd: Heidi, Sandy, Penelope, Patti (& Jane behind the camera).

5-poppy design        6-nature designPenelope brought work to share from a class she’s taking, where you go from nature drawings to abstracted designs. How cool is that!

7-Sandy      8-PattiSo Sandy and Patti got right down to drawing the nature scene.

9-Jane      10-PeneJane started her sketch in pencil (she’s taking a class from Steven Reddy), while Sandy & Penelope went directly into watercolor (notice Penelope’s brush holding technique for branches).

11-Heidi       12-HeidiHeidi couldn’t resist the ginkgo leaves Patti brought, and got raves for the way she used shadows in the negative space to ground them.

13-muffin     14-JaneConfession time – Jane caved in & got a chocolate muffin, just for modeling purposes, of course, & did a quick contour drawing.  She claims the drawing will get a Reddy India ink wash – we’ll see…

15-memorializingAnd Penelope summed up our visit in her sketchbook.

More Than Just Roses!

Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR
1   2While there were lots of roses, there were also lots of other flowers blooming. Barb Shirk holds up Jane’s sketch of the rose arch behind.

5    6Barb Sommers took photos of the mystery spikes (cardamon behind her), while Barb Shirk focused on the poppies and love-in-a-mist, with Erik prowling around in the background. Tricia arrived about the time we had decided it was still too chilly to stay outside.

7So Barb Sommers, Erik, Barb Shirk, and Jane went to 5th St. Market.
Note all but Erik referring to images captured on their phones. He said he’d check his later!

3    4The Barbs caught us up on what they’d been sketching – Barb Shirk added a toad lily to her toad page, and Barb Sommers added a favorite spoon to her cup page.

8    9Jane sent Sandy a text about where we were, so she came by to work on her calendar sketches while Jane did a California poppy.

10  11  12Erik in process – pencil, ink, colored wax crayons.  He overheard Jane & Sandy talking about mixing oil paint to make pink & having it end up kind of flat – his solution? Start with pink pigment to begin with! His sketch was of Barb Sommers touching the cardamon plant.

13  14  15Barb Shirk began with pencil & moved into watercolor pencil – we aren’t sure what this flower is…a mallow of some sort? Elegant.


Then Tricia showed up to give her sketch report – more than just roses at the garden, that’s for sure! Love the vignettes.

In Two Places at Once!

Mt. Angel Abbey, & Perugino’s in Eugene – thanks to technology!

1-Penelope-car    2-BarbA,Pene,JaneThe idea was to go up to Mt. Angel Abbey to see the Valley Calligraphy Guild show – here we are in process, as seen by Penelope’s sketch from the back seat, and the three of us in a selfie in front of a piece of art – Barb A., Penelope, & Jane.

And then we got a text from the Eugene contingent at Perugino’s!

3-PeruginoHeidi, Sandy, & Jan, loving the immediacy of sketching in town. (We also got a text from Erik, who was even more immediate, at home!)

4-1Jan    4-b-Jan'sHere’s Jan, hard at work – completing the sketchbook page she started last week with a delightfully complex background design.

5-a-Heidi    5-b-Heidi'sHeidi is still enjoying exploring colored pencil – look at the depth!

6-1-Sandy     6-Sandy'sSandy is using colored pencil, too – look at the color richness here!

7-Pene,Barb-viewing    8-Pene-sketchMeanwhile, back at the Abbey, Penelope & Barb A are entranced by the art work in the calligraphy show, & Penelope copied a quote.

9-Jane-Mt Angel Gift Store    10-Jane-Mt Angel ChurchJane did a quick sketch in the Abbey gift shop, and then in the church where they heard a sung service (she later explored using the Pitt white marker pen with water brush for light around the crucifix).

11-a-Barb-photo   11-b-Barb-finalBarb was entranced by the architecture and sculptures, but got in a quick sketch during the church service, too. Nice style contrast.

12-a-Pene-sketches       12-b-Pene-finalIt’s interesting to see how Penelope’s sketchbook page developed, with little vignettes which captured the whole experience.  Well, except for lunch, and the performance at the Glockenspiel:

GlockenspielWe may have to come back here again! Or go to Perugino’s.





A Friendly Exchange of Ideas

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

1 - all     2Here we are gathered together for another exchange of ideas and inspiration – Sandy, Jan, Erik, Barb Sh. & Heidi (with Penelope somewhere, and Jane behind the camera).  Barb Shirk showed us the last addition to her frog fountain page – a Frog with presence!

3    4 Heidi had a question for Erik in working with wax crayons – how do you get the fine tree detail. Erik promptly loaned her his tiny bladed knife to scratch out where the trees will go.

5    6Meanwhile, Penelope (I told you she was here) was perusing the Maurice Sendak books Barb brought along to share his sketch style.

7    8Heidi has a lot of projects going – here, working on negative space to reveal the leaves, wondering about using watercolor later – Barb talks to her about getting fine watercolor pencil lines in the veins.

9   9.5   10Barb shows her how she did that on a leaf. Jan uses a different approach with marker & water brush. So Heidi gamely begins.

11      12Suddenly it’s quiet at the table. Here’s what Barb is up to – adding a quirky dog misbehavior to her earlier sketch of the little “oh-oh” girl.

13     14Sandy’s up to the usual – sketching the table inhabitants (including Erik), and Erik is doing the same in sketching Sandy, and Jan is sketching Barb Shirk (in the middle).

15   16   17Penelope takes a page she started while waiting in a line at the Post Office (a sketcher is never bored), and adds pieces of people and art tools from the table right now! (See Barb’s shirt at the table end?)

18    19 Jane adds a value wash and watercolor to a sketch she did at home, and then does a sketch of what’s in front of her with a wash. (Can you tell she’s taking a class from Steven Reddy?)


Friendly Encounters

Friendly St. Market, Eugene, OR

allThe prediction (which was wrong) was for rain, so we headed to a warm shelter in the Friendly St. Market – Penelope, Barb Shirk, Erik, Sandy, Barb A (& Jane behind the camera).

BarbSh-dark     Pen, BarbSh-1Barb Shirk showed us her finished “dark” sketch from last week, then she and Penelope got down to new sketching business.

Penelope-SandyPenelope & Sandy had a laugh about the idea of “are you drawing me while I’m drawing you?”

Pen-2    Sandy-Erik And sure enough, Penelope was drawing Sandy (& Erik, & a scone), but Sandy was sketching people at the table beyond us.

BarbSh-1     BarbSh-2Meanwhile, Barb Shirk captured the sweet moment she observed.

BarbA-1   BarbA-2Barb Aten liberated a model because of it’s interesting label.

Erik-1   Erik-2 Erik-3Erik quickly brought an old memory into a lovely colored sketch.

Jane-1    Jane-2And Jane spent the whole time exploring the effect of using different pens (& discovering back home that, yes,  paper matters!)

Turning Light into Dark

Jane’s Backyard, Eugene, Oregon

1-allIt all started out in the light – a lovely sunny day in the backyard, with Barb Shirk, Ken, Erik, Heidi, Barb A, Tricia, Patti McNutt, Sandy, Jan, Barb Sommers (& Jane behind the camera, of course).

K-TOOLSThen Ken got out the free tools – what’s that, what’s that, how does that work – oh my gosh! Patti, Tricia, Barb A, & Sandy gather around Ken who’s sharing his bounty.

Ken-begins     Heidi, Barb A, PattiAnd then the sketching began – Ken sketching with a purple ink pen because that’s what he had; Heidi with wax crayons, Barb A with watercolor, and Patti with pastel pencils (like Conté).

Jane    Jane-blossomJan caught our hostess Jane & Qi in a quiet moment; Jane actually did manage to do a quick sketch of the pink strawberry blossom.

dark-Ken-dark_edited-1   K-BarbS0After Ken took a look at his own work, he started circulating, and that ‘s when things started going dark.  Well, darker. Here with Barb Sommers, encouraging her to get darker values.

K-Sandy    K-Heidi

K-Tricia    darker-Tricia-darkerHe gave Tricia the extra tip of working other colors into the darker values to give more integration & life to the sketch – OH! she said.

darker-BarbSh-darker_edited-1    darker-BarbA, PattiBarb Shirk gets darker line definition going, while Barb Aten & Patti add darker values to their sketches.

darker-BarbSo- darker    darker-Jan-darkerBarb Sommers and Jan also added darker values into their work.

darker-Sandy, Erik, Heidi-darker      Erik's BarbShSandy, Erik, and Heidi getting serious – Erik’s sketch of Barb Shirk.

sketch sprawl      darker-Ken-darkerThen it was time for the sketch sprawl – spread out your sketchbook, Ken said, and we did. After we all got a chance to look and make comments (see below), Ken said, this doesn’t mean you’re done. And he grabbed up a damp cloth someone had used with their watercolor and dabbed it on his own sketch, adding darker values around his original sketch. Ken’s ever the teacher, and we appreciate it!


a sketching group