Cool (& dry) Undercover – Lone Pine Farm, Junction City, OR

Here we are (can you tell it’s chilly? what a change!)



Barb A, Sandy, Erik, Hugh, Anne (Barb Shirk is off taking pictures of the goats, Jane’s behind the camera).  And here’s the view:


What you don’t see is how the rain came thundering in, but you can see it in Erik’s sketch at the bottom of this post.

IMG_3399     IMG_3411


Barb Shirk got up close to those goats – how to make them NOT look like her dog was her challenge, she said! Love those ears.


Anne shows her flowers from a sketching class she just finished at Yellowstone (our friend Suzie Garner was the teacher!).  Below she shares her landscape paintings with Sandy, Barb A, & Hugh.



IMG_3413     IMG_3425

Sandy is continuing to work with her black toned paper – here with her Mondeluz colored pencils from Koh-i-noor (without water) – what a great effect!

IMG_3414     IMG_3434


Hugh finishes up a sketch of the view across the road, then adds watercolor to bring it to life.

IMG_3412     IMG_3437Erik keeps an eye out for the effect of the rain, and here’s the nearly final version of his sketch – I’d say he got it!

IMG_3415     IMG_3428

Jane could’t resist the aromatic strawberries (see her quick sketch above), and then Barb A. added two luscious apricots to the scene.

IMG_3430     IMG_3440


Barb stroked her water brush across the colored pencil sketch enriching the colors, while Sandy tried layers of color on hers. Hard to believe the little kid in the background was having ice cream – we were all grateful for sweaters, coats, & blankets!  And being together sketching, of course.






You Show Me Yours…Farmers’ Market, Eugene, OR

Barb Shirk started out the conversation – what’s a “finished” sketchbook? Here are two pages she added after the fact from her last trip to Italy – the first from Assisi, the 2nd from memories of Stroncone (all cats & staircases!).



Then Barb Sommers shared her complete sketches from our visit last week to Cortesia:




Barb Sommers shows Hugh some of her work, and here’s Hugh, showing off:


I mean, here’s Hugh, showing his work completed following a trip to Europe.

Then we got down to work.


Hanna on the bench, Barb Shirk sitting on the rock wall, Sandy, Erik, & Alexander (Jane’s grandson) on the bench, then Hugh on the next portion of the rock wall talking to Barb Sommers. Jane behind the camera (although she really did do some sketching, too).

Farm-Mark, reg paint    Farm-Mark, Qor paintJane’s sketches of flowers at the Market – on the left versions using ink and her regular watercolors (WN? DS?). Then after she got home, she tried the same subject in her new Qor watercolors. Hmm.


Alexander shows his new Pilot Parallel pen to Erik.


Erik shows Alexander how to use his felt tip calligraphy pen to write his name.


Sandy sketches Barb Shirk’s back view, using white gel pen on black toned paper.  Then she tried adding colored pencil to sketches:


IMG_3302     IMG_3299

Hanna came with her previous sketch done in b&w so she could add color; Barb Shirk did quick brush pen sketches of vignettes.


Here’s proof that Hugh CAN sketch what’s in front of him, too.

Keep comin’ back!

Beating the Heat in Style

Talk about timing! We’d been invited back to Cortesia for a longer day today for sketching, having a potluck lunch, and trying out some of the exercises in the book The Tao of Sketching. And it is typically 10 degrees cooler up there in the woods than it is down in town, where the temperature was slated to be in the upper 90s.  Whew.

IMG_3187      IMG_3188

Forest shows Barb Sommers his newly completed deck – Erik gives serious thought to just staying there!

Stargazer lilies    Jane & lilies

Jane picks the front deck again, surrounded by Stargazer Lilies.

IMG_3201     IMG_3203

Erik & Barb Sommers succumb to the front deck’s charms, too. Here’s Barb So’s sketch of the same lily from her own backyard.

IMG_3193     IMG_3214

Barb Aten finds a different lily variety – look at those lush colors!

IMG_3204     IMG_3206

Jan’s on the new studio deck, intent on capturing the scene.

IMG_3205     IMG_3207

Tricia, our hostess, is there, too – lovely spot, lovely sketch!

And then it’s time for lunch!





A yummy lunch on the new deck, a quick overview of lessons and suggestions from The Tao of Sketching, and we were back at it.


What are we doing? Hard to concentrate after that wonderful lunch (followed by dark chocolate with raspberries – thanks, Tricia!).


Tricia suggests we try one of two techniques in the book: 1) doing a simple contour sketch and adding a wash of color; 2) doing an ink sketch & adding color to only a specific part of the sketch for focus.


Here’s Jane’s quick sketch of Penelope & Barb A.

IMG_3225     IMG_3226

Here’s Barb So’s of the same two, & Jan’s sketch of Erik.

IMG_3228     IMG_3229

Tricia sketched Jane, Hanna Yoshimura & Barb So., while Penelope did the same from a different perspective.

IMG_3231     IMG_3232

Speaking of perspective, here’s Erik, and then his sketch of Barb So.

IMG_3236     IMG_3230

Barb A was determined to capture the fruit juice in her glass goblet!

IMG_3234     IMG_3239Hanna joined us in time to sketch her long time friend Tricia.

IMG_3241      IMG_3237

Here’s Hanna’s sketch done at the Famers’ Market last week, and Penelope’s sketch of some of us and the labyrinth at Cortesia. What a wonderful (& cool)  time together.  We are deeply appreciative!


Sketching in the Rain

We’d planned to meet at the Farmers’ Market in the Park Blocks in downtown Eugene, but the rain changed some minds!

Our friend Hanna Yoshimura took this picture of her friend Cathy – the two of them did brave the rain to sketch in the Park Blocks.

wall of Officina de Peregrino

Meanwhile, Hugh stayed home to revisit a photo he’d taken of a wall outside the Officino de Peregrino on his trip to Spain – sketch below:

Hugh'sOfficina de Peregrino


The rest of the group who planned to meet, hurriedly changed plans and hied themselves off to the Palace Bakery, where this chocolate brioche became an object of focus:

Our teacher always told us: sketch first before eating – a challenge!

IMG_3109 IMG_3111
t was Barb’s brioche, but she dutifully sketched first!

IMG_3136 photo
Penelope shows her preliminary sketch, to which she added color.

IMG_3107 IMG_3116
Erik sketched both Barb and the brioche!

IMG_3108 IMG_3113
an ignored the brioche and sketched a nearby table & chair.

Makes you want to take up sketching.  Or a chocolate brioche!

Catching Up @Friendly St. Market, 7/15/14

We loved being at the newly renovated Friendly St. Market – open sheltered deck, pleasant surroundings, goodies nearby to sustain us.


The early birds busy at the table: Barb Sommers, Heidi Sachet and her friend Renata, Barb Shirk, Erik Johnson (& Jane with camera).

As always, we began by looking at what people have been doing:

IMG_2992 IMG_2994

Barbara Shirk brought the invitation she did for the celebration of the shelter at the small dog park – her dog & Jane’s are featured!

IMG_2999 IMG_2996

Heidi Sachet & Jane Harrison found sketching as a way to manage being at parties and gatherings – even ceiling lights were fair game!


Barb Shirk did it, too, sketching participants at the Groom’s Dinner.

IMG_3003 IMG_3001

Barbara Sommers had sketches from her back yard – so delightful!


Erik’s latest sketch in his unmistakeable color rich  style.


Then Hugh & Sandy Larkin showed up, and Penelope Youngfeather (who got to see Hugh’s sketchbook from the Camino walk).

IMG_3020 IMG_3023

Hugh with a Camino sketch, and Sandy doing on a vineyard sketch.


Jane brought sample of the cards she makes from her sketches, which Barbara Sommers looks through, with Jo Bogue-Hoffman.


Barb Shirk shows Erik the folding blocks trick she developed to do changing vignettes from her last trip to Italy – we want a lesson!


Then the stalwart folks got down to business.

IMG_3038 IMG_3040

Sandy put finishing touches on her vineyard, and Erik showed off his finished sketch of Sandy, sitting across from him.

IMG_3043 IMG_3045

Jane captured the deli wagon across the street, and Penelope captured all of us!


But Hugh topped it all off with a symbolic sketch of the group – whose artifact is whose? What a fun sketch.

A friendly sketching group