Everything Old is New Again…

New Day Bakery, Eugene, OR –

Several of us were just back from a sketch tour of Italy, so we had old things to show, new things to explore together.


Rita joined us (from the Italy tour), Ken was in teaching interaction form, then Barb Sommers, Erik, Amy (from the Watershed Gallery), Barb Shirk (& Jane behind the camera as usual, with folks yet to come: Sandy, Barb A, & Hugh).

IMG_4708 IMG_4707

Barb S came with art samples from the Italy trip (snail special!)

IMG_4709     IMG_4706

Amy was just getting back into sketching, so Ken brought in some leaves for messing about, which Jane doodled with, too.

IMG_4717     IMG_4730

And while Amy was caught up in the teachable moment, Erik proceeded to capture her hands in painting action!

IMG_4734   IMG_4710

Barb Shirk revisited images from the Italy trip, while Barb Sommers sketched & painted what was in front of her.

IMG_4732  IMG_4731

Hugh showed up in time to appreciate some of Barb So’s work, and Barb A showed up in time to get welcome hugs from Sandy.

IMG_4705    IMG_4739

While Ken conferred with Rita about photos from Italy, Barb A started her own version of the pumpkin & leaf.

IMG_4733  IMG_4737

Then Sandy took a picture of the interesting sunflower stock Rita found & is sketching, then she did her own take on it.


And just to show that sketchers never quit, and that everything in front of them is fair game, here’s Sandy with her sketch of Erik!


Outside the Market of Choice

We had a pretty big crew show up today!


From right: Barbara Sommers, Jan Brown, Barbara Shirk, Hugh Larking, Penelope Youngfeather, Sandy Larkin, and Erik Johnson (taking the photo)



Hugh tackled the whole scene.



Barbara Sh. had just returned from La Romita and shared her sketchbook with everyone.    What fun!  We were all envious.



Barbara So. brought an apple and a pear from the market, and she, Erik, and Sandy drew them.  Erik drew his “N” backwards.  Ooops.


Penelope did a nice drawing of her watercolor box.  I think she spent most of the time looking at Barbara’s sketchbook from La Romita.  In fact, we all visited more than sketched, but still got some NICE DRAWINGS!




Friendly Street!

photo 1 While everyone (Heidi, Penelope, Sndy, and Hugh) were working on their pictures, photo 3 Jan was taking photos! photo 2 Hugh finished a nice drawing based on his and Sandy’s recent travels. photo 1 While Sandy concentrated on a nearby still life. photo 4 Penelope was attracted to a single holly leaf! photo 2 Jan worked on planning her next ceramic project. vCCMQ And Heidi was playing with pictures of fruit.

In the Brewery Neighborhood for Breakfast


photo 2

This week we met at the New Day Bakery in the Whiteacre neighborhood.  Again missing Jane, but everybody ( Jan, Penelope, Barb A. and Erik) had fun anyway.  It was a beautiful day.

photo 5

photo 2

Penelope was touching up previous sketches

photo 3

Barb A. was attracted to the morning glories on the fence.

photo 3

Erik loves those figs and added a little color to them.

photo 4

He also took a few photos.

photo 1

Jan made a nice drawing of the Kokopelli on the fence, and added a beautiful orange.

Missing Jane at the Hideaway

photo 3

Our group met at the Hideaway Bakery today.  We were few but we had a lot of fun.  Everyone missed you, Jane, but we all hope you’re having a great time in Italy!

photo 4

Sandy was drawing the kids in the sandbox and the customer at the next table.

photo 7

Jan was attracted by the clientele as well.  And the Chairs.

photo 5

Again, Erik was off on a tangent.  What IS that, anyway?

photo 6

Nice drawing, Hugh! These chairs were, indeed rather interesting.

A friendly sketching group