Catching Up @Friendly St. Market, 7/15/14

We loved being at the newly renovated Friendly St. Market – open sheltered deck, pleasant surroundings, goodies nearby to sustain us.


The early birds busy at the table: Barb Sommers, Heidi Sachet and her friend Renata, Barb Shirk, Erik Johnson (& Jane with camera).

As always, we began by looking at what people have been doing:

IMG_2992 IMG_2994

Barbara Shirk brought the invitation she did for the celebration of the shelter at the small dog park – her dog & Jane’s are featured!

IMG_2999 IMG_2996

Heidi Sachet & Jane Harrison found sketching as a way to manage being at parties and gatherings – even ceiling lights were fair game!


Barb Shirk did it, too, sketching participants at the Groom’s Dinner.

IMG_3003 IMG_3001

Barbara Sommers had sketches from her back yard – so delightful!


Erik’s latest sketch in his unmistakeable color rich  style.


Then Hugh & Sandy Larkin showed up, and Penelope Youngfeather (who got to see Hugh’s sketchbook from the Camino walk).

IMG_3020 IMG_3023

Hugh with a Camino sketch, and Sandy doing on a vineyard sketch.


Jane brought sample of the cards she makes from her sketches, which Barbara Sommers looks through, with Jo Bogue-Hoffman.


Barb Shirk shows Erik the folding blocks trick she developed to do changing vignettes from her last trip to Italy – we want a lesson!


Then the stalwart folks got down to business.

IMG_3038 IMG_3040

Sandy put finishing touches on her vineyard, and Erik showed off his finished sketch of Sandy, sitting across from him.

IMG_3043 IMG_3045

Jane captured the deli wagon across the street, and Penelope captured all of us!


But Hugh topped it all off with a symbolic sketch of the group – whose artifact is whose? What a fun sketch.

Cool Sanctuary at Cortesia, 7/8/14

We were so pleased to retreat up into the woods at Cortesia last week in the hot weather,  eager to repeat the visit, and happy to be welcomed back:


IMG_2932 IMG_2938Anne joined us & was delighted to find a poppy to match her shirt. Meanwhile, Forest tells Hugh & Sandy about the property.

IMG_2942 IMG_2949
Erick starts sketching a tree, while Tricia and Hugh get set up, and Jane does a watercolor sketch of the glass assemblage on the table.
(You can see Anne on the other side of the table – knitting!)

IMG_2951 IMG_2952
Sandy and Tricia took on the glass assemblage challenge, too.

Here’s Sandy’s sketch, white gel pen on black paper.

Tricia added some background detail to her watercolor.

IMG_2953 IMG_2955Hugh’s trees quickly took shape, & life with color added.

IMG_2950 IMG_2959Erik’s tree outline begins to have depth & shading.

Meanwhile, someone asked Hugh & Sandy how their trip was, trekking the Camino in Spain, and out came their sketchbooks:


Here’s Sandy’s first page with an equipment sketch.


Tricia & Anne are entranced by the sketchbooks and tales of the trip.

Hugh enjoys giving Erik some highlights. Fabulous trip, fabulous stories – we’re so glad they’re back to share!



At Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, OR

When Tricia invited us out to sketch at her place outside Eugene, few of us realized what a treat was in store!  Of course, it did make deciding what to sketch a bit of a challenge. We may have to come back…

Entering the garden


Hi! What did Jan & Barb A find?

Erik checks out a rentable cabin – just right!

Penelope & Tricia know just where they want to go.

Penelope gets right at it, while Jan, Barb A & Trish chat.

Erik choses to do a wooded scene in graphite.

Forrest, Tricia’s husband, tells Erik about the history of the place.

Below is Erik’s developed piece.

Meanwhile, Tricia, Penelope, & Barb A get busy sketching, too. Can you see whose work is whose, and how it develops?


IMG_2858 IMG_2865 IMG_2860 IMG_2859 IMG_2875 IMG_2885 IMG_2879

Back on the porch with Erik, Jan begins to capture the little birdhouse vignette.
IMG_2872 IMG_2880

Jane moves from the birdhouse to the pot of gaillardia: IMG_4261IMG_2881

And in the mail, not to be left out, come Hugh’s & Sandy’s sketches from far away.


Vero Coffee Shop, Eugene, OR – 6/24/14

As usual, we start our sketch meetings by catching up on what people have been doing since our last meeting – here’s Barb Shirk’s sketch from her trip to Ashland to see the plays:


And here’s Heidi’s completed sketch of flowers & shells on her deck:


Barb Shirk shared her sketch of some of us sketching  last week:



And one of Penelope’s sketches of us, viewed by Barb A & Heidi (yep, that looks just like Joby!):



Here’s most of the happy crew from today (Penelope, Tricia, Heidi, Erik, Jan, Barb A, Barb Shirk – Jane behind the camera):



Jan and Barb A. adding water to pigment (Jan with markers, Barb A. with watercolor pencils):





Barb Shirk did a sketch of her dog Armando from a photo on her phone:





Jane did a sketch of the clivia in her front room (from a photo, too):


Erik’s sketch was from a sweet remembered scene in the medical clinic:


Tricia & Heidi sketched directly from observation today, as did Penelope (& Jan & Barb A, seen above):






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