Cortesia and Zoom #84

Tuesday Top Drawers sketching was in the woods and gardens at Cortesia.

Gathering the people and the sketches.

Zoom Session # 84

We gather on Zoom to share the week’s work. This week, Hugh and Sandy popped in to say hi. They have been sharing their travel sketches on FaceBook.

PatR: Italy trip
Sandy: Plein Air in Idaho

Oakway and Zoom #83

It was Oakway again this week for in-person sketching.

Seeking shade.

Our 83rd Zoom was full of talk of the Drawing Marathon, the Hearings, and the difference between water soluble and permanent ink pens.

Two-page spread: Zoom people and Oakway

Oakway and Zoom #82

Beautiful weather for sketching at Oakway Mall last Tuesday. Many hats. It was fun to be outside and together.

Friday’s Zoom was well attended and filled with laughter and talk of travel, paints and papers.

From our Idaho branch, Hugh and Sandy have been sharing their sketches from their trip to Europe and some work done with their Plein Air group in Boise.

Zoom #81

The TD’s visit to Cortesia got rained out on Tuesday, but some of us we able to gather to share our week’s work on Friday Zoom . Others posted their drawings on the FB group, TD Roundtable. Rita, Danita and Jane are working with images from their recent travels. The rest of us are closer to home.

Roses Again and Zoom #80

Tuesday was for sketching at the Owen Rose Garden. The weather was perfect and the ambient aroma of roses was lovely.