Rainy Day Sketch and Go

From the Gazebo at Owen Rose Garden, Eugene, OR

Nearly all of the intrepid sketchers: Bitty, Sandy, Daisy, Sharon, Marsha, Hugh, Katie – Jane behind the camera, Tricia yet to come.

      We all took a gazebo post to stay appropriately distance. Here’s Bitty deciding which way to look, then her sketch on toned paper.

       Daisy started out amidst the roses, and when it started to rain she brought her sketches to show us. Lovely treatment for the roses!

     Hugh set up on the sidewalk until the rain forced him inside. His sketch showed the gardener who refused to be deterred by water.

      Jane’s sketch was finished at home. She had a good time adding rain clouds and the lyrics from Annie Lennox’s song to the page.

   Katie braved sitting on the floor, sketching the floor medallion, and then the roses above her on the gazebo trellis. Nicely done, too.

      Marsha tried the over the ear mask style set by Jim Hinton last week, but mostly stayed face masked, & did a delightful sketch.

      Sandy got right at it, sketching the sketchers. Later she added the colorful background context, and wondered if that helped…hmmm.

     And who sneaked in to sketch just beyond Marsha? It’s Sharon! What a pleasure to have her back sketching with us again.

      Tricia set up on the sidewalk, too, before the rain brought her under cover. Here’s last week’s tree sketch, and this week’s. Terrific!

So you can see we’re enjoying being together, still being cautious about physical distance, staying outside, and wearing a mask when appropriate. I think we’ll keep doing this if the weather cooperates.