Travel Journals Take Precedence!

Whole Foods Market, Eugene, OR

all-1We were in a new place with many of us having just returned from travels, so it was a bit of a scramble around the table: Tricia, Erik, Hugh, Ken, Satoko, Phyllis and Barbara Aten (Jane behind camera).

book-venice-hugh    book-angelasJane brought back some books – one on how Venice was built (Hugh especially like the sketches), and one by our sketch friend in Rome, Angela Maria Russo, with her sketches of the “beasts” of Rome.

all-2-sicily-sat-map     all-3Then we were into the travel journal sharing – Satoko started with showing her cover map of Sicily, and then her watercolor sketches.

sicily-erik-hugh     sicily-barba-ken-triciaErik & Hugh enjoyed paging through Satoko’s journals, while Ken got busy asking Barb A & Tricia about their experiences in Sicily.

sicily-barba    tricia-sicilyBarb A & Tricia had a hard time choosing their favorite sketches.

rome-erik-barbso       umbria-sat-phyl-barbaBarb So slipped in to see Satoko’s sketch done in Rome, while Satoko, Phyllis, & Barb A looked at Jane’s opening sketch in Umbria.

days-phyllis        days-satBoth Phyllis and Satoko had done daily mini-sketches with text about the day’s events (a favorite tool of teacher Winnie Givot).

tuscany-phyllis     tricia-sketchingWe all enjoyed seeing Phyllis’ sketch from Tuscany (remember this view?), but Tricia was the only one who did any sketching today!

Good Times on West 11th

Erik arrived early, but could only stay a few minutes because of a Doctors appointment (which was turned out fine), and grabbed the only table that was open, next to the window. Hugh and Sandy showed up very soon, and started sketching as soon as Erik left, after catching up a little socially.


Hugh decided to work from a digital photo of a memorable event: Sandy bicycling along the road on one of the terrific adventures.


Looks like Sandy was drawing from a photo as well!
Good job!



A mother at the next table drew our attention.  she had the sweetest little girl with her.


And food, of course!


Jan drawing some decorations in the coffee Shop



Guy’s Day.

So Hugh and Erik were the only Top Drawers to appear at Allan Brothers on Tuesday.  We had a great conversation, and solved all of the worlds most pressing problems, but not where to meet next week.  Hugh left it to me to decide, and I will, when I send out the email notice…..

Meanwhile, Here’s a selfie with Hugh:img_1111

And Hugh’s wonderful interested in architectural details:img_1112

And my own efforts at reconstructing distant memories:img_1113

Though Ken was not with us at Allan Bros, he was with us in spirit in Umbria, along with several of the TDs:


Alan Brothers Week One

Tuesday, Hugh, Barbara, Jan, and Erik met at the Alan Brothers Coffee Shop on 5th Avenue across the street from the jail.  It was a very pleasant gathering.  Barbara and Hugh arrived first and got right to work;  after getting coffee, of course.


Hugh was drawing an architectural detail of the rail and stair way.


Then Erik and Jan arrived. There was some discussion of which procedure to follow: order a treat and draw it before eating, or just eat it and draw whatever you want.  No decision was made, though Erik went ahead and ate half the treat, which was not great, and would have looked better in a drawing.  But he drew from memory in any case.


And finally, thank you Jan, for taking a few pictures while the primary photographer and organizer is away in Italy!  And going ahead with your own sketch of the woman at the next table.