Something for Everyone

Tradewinds @ Jiffy, Eugene, OR

          We were kind of spread all over the place, but you can’t  see Katie’s and Jane’s dogs, or Barbara So and Ken who were there, too.

       Barb Sh was continuing her ever evolving visual journal of where she is, & what she’s seeing,  including newcomer Jim on her page today!

       Jim was busy looking over her shoulder at the view beyond, which he captured in detail within a frame, and began a new sketch, too.

     His friend Bill, also new to the group, was into doing portraits; the last two had flesh tones courtesy of his morning coffee & cream!

    Marsha brought her bottle vase that we’ve all fallen in love with, along with new flowers. She did a lovely colored pencil approach.

     Katie had a back view of the flowers, and a different approach in doing the bottle vase in ink and watercolor, rather than pencil.

     Daisy was busy sketching her Danish & making pen use notes, while inside Barb So was doing a pencil sketch of the flowers on her table.

    Bev was sketching the table flowers, too, from two angles. She drew her signature frames around each sketch, and used a stamped page.

     Laura liked Bev’s second perspective, and added a decorative frame to hers as well as  nearby details to finish a charming sketch.

     Erik zeroed in on a close-up of one of the unique flowers in the table bouquet, Love-in-a-mist. Terrific job on all those tiny pieces!

      Serge did an architectural rendering, but when he started to ink Lealan asked to see his Lamy pen and had fun drawing loosely!

      Bill caught a photo of Jane (who takes everyone else’s photos). She got out her Lamy pen to play with, which has water soluble ink in it.