What You See Is What You Get

5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

    Here we are, back in our favorite window alcove at the market, sketching what we see in or out or on the table!

        What Barb Sh saw on her phone was a photo of a real live rooster to go with her sketch of the sculpture on the fountain downstairs.

        What Laura saw was the vase of flowers Marsha brought from her yard, and sketched them using only 3 colors of colored pencils!

        Marsha saw the flowers from the other side of the table, and drew them in colored pencil, too. These two are getting so adept!

        Those flowers did double duty in Bev’s sketchbook – one sketch on a page with thumbnail sketch windows, another on a pre-printed page.

        Jane started with a simple contour sketch of her pastry, but the flowers couldn’t resist getting in the sketch, too – yummy!

Daisy won the prize for doing the most sketching in the shortest amount of time. She came from an appointment and got right to it.

        And Serge? He was able to escape the exact straight lines of the outdoor architecture by putting in the hanging basket – go organic!