Reception at The Tate!

The Tate Condominiums, Eugene, OR

When the folks at the Tate Condominiums invited us to hang our sketchbook show “World Sketches” at their place, we were so honored and delighted.  They had a lovely reception for us Sunday, Feb. 8, 2015, which we all enjoyed very much.  Here are a few pics:

IMG_5534      IMG_5538Jan and Erik, Trisha and Hugh.

IMG_5540      IMG_5541Penelope and Trisha answer questions posed by residents.

IMG_5543   IMG_5545Barb Shirk, Ken, Sandy, Barb Aten; Barb Aten & Satoko Matouji.

IMG_5546    IMG_5547Patti McNutt & Erik; Jane and Barb A.

IMG_5548  IMG_5549View of the reception area; Ken O’Connell & Sally from The Tate.

IMG_5550      IMG_5552Kate & Erik with Ken; Hugh & Sandy with Patti.

IMG_5553      IMG_5554Trisha shares her sketchbook; Penelope & husband with Satoko.

Jan and Barb A look at one of the books of sketches that Erik has published.  We had several of our books on display here. I neglected to take a photo of the table laden with all kind of goodies – maybe I was thinking “out of sight, out of body” but that strategy didn’t work.

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    1. You’re welcome! What a heartwarming event – such a pleasure to share our travel sketches with other travelers and folks interested in art.

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