Never to Busy to Sketch in the Holidays

Nov. 28, 2017 – 5th St. Market, Eugene, OR

   We really liked being able to spread ourselves out here. Helga, Katie, Hugh, Bev, Daisy, & Barb Sh on the left; Lona, Sandy, Barb So, & Ken on the right (with Jane behind the camera, and a few more to come!).

       Helga had a squash sketch from home, then started sketching the scene across from us – look at all those tiles! Next she’s trying color.

        Katie had some lovely sketches to show us, then started in with what was in front of her, saying why did it turn out so small! (& delightful)

      Hugh was smugly pleased with his sketch of Jane’s panna cotta, then moved on to a sketch of bleeding hearts. This guy is getting good!

       Marsha joined us for a quick sketch of colorful pot on the counter, and across from her in a flash appearance was Penny!

        Bev really got going on the poinsettias on the table – lovely as usual!

      Daisy took on the traditional challenge of sketch before you eat, and managed to get a poinsettia sketch done in the corner of the page!

      Barb Sh was pleased with her page of her daughter’s dogs, then took her favorite pen to draw the poinsettia – look at the watercolor, too!

       Lona started off with a pencil sketch, had to do a design on the next page while she was waiting for watercolor to dry before layering!

      Barb So had Marsha’s tool display across the table from her, a perfect subject for sketching!

      Sandy walked off this morning without a sketch book, so hubby Hugh volunteered his “emergency sketchbook” and Ken volunteered his eye study for a subject. She put that book to use!

      Ken was adding to his “landscapitos” from a recent trip, then adding to previously started pages, one with interesting color shapes.

      Jane abandoned her ink sketch of her plum panna cotta so she could eat it, and then sketched an outside decorated lantern (in pencil!).

      Lealan came by just in time to show her sketch from a family visit, then quickly got down to sketching three of the group! Nice start.

Lots of Things Going on with this Group!

16 Tons Café, Eugene, OR

    You have to keep your eye on the musical chairs! Left: Barb So, Penny, Bev, Marsha; right: Daisy, Barb So, Helga, Bev, Marsha.

       And in this corner, Lona and Erik, soon joined by Satoko!

      Barb So doesn’t need a musical chair game to keep moving – here’s a persimmon done at home, a quick tree and a person  sketch, too!

      Bev is on a roll with preparing her pages ahead of time with stamped patterns, and then look how she incorporates them in the sketch.

     Marsha does an inked line drawing and then does she ever get into color! Who needs three hands when you have so many fingers.

     Daisy was fascinating with the paintings on the wall at the café, and imagined one of them on her coffee cup!

            Helga zeroed in on one of the paintings (see middle photo), too, then let whimsy take over the rest of her sketch. What fun.

        Lona used a photograph as inspiration for her signature style – so vivid and full of life.

     Erik (remember him in the corner?) was kept busy doing color value studies.

      Satoko said, “This is what you do when you make a mistake (in ink).” What used to be the beginning of a person, becomes a structure!

         And meanwhile, Jane was playing with two different water soluble ink pens. Bev tried the Elegant Writer – yes, it’s juicy!

Sketch what you eat!

16 Tons Cafe, Eugene, OR

          We like this cozy cafe, where we can spread out – Hugh, Erik, Sandy, Bev; Ken, Marsha, Danita, Daisy, Lealan; Danita, Barb Sh, Katie.

       Hugh was really cranking them out – a new coversheet for a new sketchbook, and he was off! Nice black on white sketch, too.

     Erik tempted Sandy with the whipped cream on his lemon curd crepes, but it didn’t slow down her sketching of mini portraits.

        Here’s how Erik’s sketch evolved – love those colors!

        Bev got a lot of sketches done (including one of Erik in the middle).

       Jane’s sketches were of her new favorite dish – avocado on toast!

        Marsha chose the same topic, but used colored pencils instead – what a lovely rendition!

       Ken’s sketchbooks are never “done” – he keeps going back and adding new depth, a new study, a new use of a previously done wash.

      Daisy almost forgot to sketch her food before she ate it all, but managed to do her all time scope of sketching anyway.

      It’s so interesting to see how Lealan’s sketches evolve – wow!

      Danita looks at Barb Sh’s finished sketch page done at her toy store, and then Barb Sh is off on a new page spread sketch.

        Danita worked on adding layers to a previously started sketch, and then shared a sketch she’d done recently at a performance.

        Katie faced the dilemma of what to do first – sketch or eat? And she solved it by taking a photo of the food. Ha!

Sketchers Revert to Childhood with Great Joy!

The Dancing Weasel Toy Shop, Eugene, OR

        Danita invited us to sketch in her toy store – here she is showing a recent watercolor sketch, and chortling at Ken immediately at work.

          Ken said he only brought a yellow marker, so his sketch choice was dictated by something yellow – a fun choice, as it turned out!

We fit right into the space – in front are Sandy, Hugh, & Ken.

        Ken checks with the group in back – Barb Sh, Barb So, Danita & Bev; & Hugh welcomed Erik to the event – where to begin to sketch!

   Sandy & Barb A enjoyed the scones Danita provided for us, then Barb A chose a gorilla costume arm for her sketching subject.

      Sandy focused in on two darling little dolls – turned out well!

      Hugh’s enjoying the drama of white on black for his sketches.

     Erik found a little doll house scene to sketch.

        Barb Sh was intrigued by the articulated wooden dragon.

    Jane sketched a smaller dragon, then tried some new metallic pencils with a sketch of some of the large lego blocks on the table.

        Barb So found the little alligator to her liking – nice sketch!

        Bev, never one to shirk a challenge, took on the hanging wall display, and did it ever turn out well.

        Lealan saw the little cookstove, and that was all it took to get going.

      Daisy couldn’t just do one item, they were all too tempting!

      Finally Danita gave herself a break from hostessing to sketch the row of large stuffed toys – she wanted to do the pineapple, she said.

And did I mention music? The wheels on the bus go round and round. The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. OK, so we sang along!