We’re Always Trying New Stuff!

Perugino’s, Eugene, OR

all-Jan       all-JaneOnly the person on the left has changed (in order to get us all in the photo!) Jan Brown on the photo on the left, followed around the table by Barb Aten, Barbara Sommers, Joanne Palmer, Barb Shirk, Barbara Stevens-Newcomb, Sandy and Hugh Larkin. In the picture to the right, Jane Harrison starts the lineup of sketchers.

all-Ken     all-SandyThen Ken O’Connell came in to show his rice paper sketchbook, testing tools to see if they bled through the paper. This took Sandy away from her sketching of the man across the room from us.

BarbA-1    BarbA-2   BarbA-3Barbara A started a sketch of the design on the table, while Ken made the rounds, here encouraging Joanne; & Barb’s final sketch.

Barbs Sh, Joann   Barbs Sh, S-NWe caught Joanne at a funny moment, while her sister Barb Shirk had a serious art exchange with Barb Stevens-Newcomb.

BarbSh-2    BarbSh-3Not that Barbara Shirk wasn’t sketching – here’s the design she did last week incorporated in her sketchbook, and the beginning of a sketch of a birdhouse from Perugino’s!

BarbSo-1     BarbSo-2Barbara Sommers shared a sketch she’d done at home, then started sketching some of the decor at Perugino’s.

Jane-1     Jane-Perugino's displayJane had a print out of a sample layout Urban Sketcher Ruslan Gonchar uses (from the Ukraine), and she tried the frame layout, too.

Jan-1    Jan-KenWhat are you doing, Jan? “Oh, just doodling.” Which was the perfect accompaniment to Ken’s doodling leaves in his new sketchbook.

Hugh-1      Hugh-2Hugh got a lot accomplished on his sketch of the view through the display case to the doorway and windows at the front of Perugino’s.