Seeing Blue, but We Aren’t!

Owen Rose Garden, June 19, 2018

There’s a blue cast to the shadows, and a brilliant blue sky with roses blooming all around us. We spread out, and people kept coming.

   First arrivals Penny J., Erik, and Marsha were soon joined by Bev.

      Around the corner, Katie and Bev, then Marnie, and Pat! Where have you been Pat (around another corner), show us your sketch!

      Jane took a brush pen to sketch the Tartarian Cherry – darks, leaf clusters turned into cotton balls, color?, losing the whites, ack!

      Marnie was having far more success with her selected sketch of the garden flowers – lovely to see it unfold.

      First from Katie’s sketch class in Sitka, Alaska, then beginning a garden sketch here, and into the full sunlight, yay!

        Trish launched into her typical loose watercolor sketch, fretted about needing to add details, and started right in on another.

           Penny J fretted about perspective, then took on the arched rose trellis in front of her – more to come on this sketch, I think.

        Bev started sketching a rose bush in full bloom, which caught the eye of a passerby who begged her to sell it to her! Then on to the next.

          Marsha had sketched on a pre-decorated page, then took on the challenge of the bench & flowers beyond her. Such lovely detail.

      All the while Erik had started and finished a sketch of a crow, then began a new sketch…keep checking back to see what this will be.

    Look who’s here! Ken! You make it! I think they call him Fast Draw, because look what he did just standing there! Wow.

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