Outdoor Sketching in the Sun

Penny’s Farm near Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, OR

   What a lovely day to be at Penny’s Farm, so much to sketch, too. Left is the view from the deck & the host, right are Laura, Daisy, & Katie.

   Here’s Penny herself, color coordinated with her hanging flowers, and then her sketch of Marsha who was sketching out in the garden.

    Here’s what Marsha was sketching, ink then colored pencils – nice!

       Katie did a loose watercolor, then went to an ink contour drawing. Laura did a terrific job capturing the back garden gate.

     Daisy started with the sugar peas, then used a multi-colored pencil to sketch the deck scene on the page, too – delightful effect.

       Jane picked the folding chair as her starting point, then kept adding items from the deck, and finally a closeup of the tree blossoms.

          Jan was just glad to be there, and Tutti was glad she was, too. This sketch is from Roger Mitchell, Yukon tent camping with wife!

     And where was Ken? At Hidden Springs in Ashland, Oregon, but still sketching (of course).

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