Outdoor Sketching in the Sun

Penny’s Farm near Mt. Pisgah, Eugene, OR

   What a lovely day to be at Penny’s Farm, so much to sketch, too. Left is the view from the deck & the host, right are Laura, Daisy, & Katie.

   Here’s Penny herself, color coordinated with her hanging flowers, and then her sketch of Marsha who was sketching out in the garden.

    Here’s what Marsha was sketching, ink then colored pencils – nice!

       Katie did a loose watercolor, then went to an ink contour drawing. Laura did a terrific job capturing the back garden gate.

     Daisy started with the sugar peas, then used a multi-colored pencil to sketch the deck scene on the page, too – delightful effect.

       Jane picked the folding chair as her starting point, then kept adding items from the deck, and finally a closeup of the tree blossoms.

          Jan was just glad to be there, and Tutti was glad she was, too. This sketch is from Roger Mitchell, Yukon tent camping with wife!

     And where was Ken? At Hidden Springs in Ashland, Oregon, but still sketching (of course).

Seeing Blue, but We Aren’t!

Owen Rose Garden, June 19, 2018

There’s a blue cast to the shadows, and a brilliant blue sky with roses blooming all around us. We spread out, and people kept coming.

   First arrivals Penny J., Erik, and Marsha were soon joined by Bev.

      Around the corner, Katie and Bev, then Marnie, and Pat! Where have you been Pat (around another corner), show us your sketch!

      Jane took a brush pen to sketch the Tartarian Cherry – darks, leaf clusters turned into cotton balls, color?, losing the whites, ack!

      Marnie was having far more success with her selected sketch of the garden flowers – lovely to see it unfold.

      First from Katie’s sketch class in Sitka, Alaska, then beginning a garden sketch here, and into the full sunlight, yay!

        Trish launched into her typical loose watercolor sketch, fretted about needing to add details, and started right in on another.

           Penny J fretted about perspective, then took on the arched rose trellis in front of her – more to come on this sketch, I think.

        Bev started sketching a rose bush in full bloom, which caught the eye of a passerby who begged her to sell it to her! Then on to the next.

          Marsha had sketched on a pre-decorated page, then took on the challenge of the bench & flowers beyond her. Such lovely detail.

      All the while Erik had started and finished a sketch of a crow, then began a new sketch…keep checking back to see what this will be.

    Look who’s here! Ken! You make it! I think they call him Fast Draw, because look what he did just standing there! Wow.

Tomatoes, Tractors, Kids of Both Kinds and More

Lone Pine Farms, Junction City, OR

      Another produce outlet, along with goats and a kindergarten field trip. Yes, we had a lot to choose from for sketching!

     One of the highlights of our time together is sharing and learning from one another. We really cherish those times!

        Satoko is looking at the booklet of sketches Barb Sh put together after her recent cruise, and Barb Sh is adding more sketches.

       Satoko took the landscape view of Lone Pine Farms – so much to see.

     Marsha had a different angle on the nearer landscape, including the table in front of her! I think she’s going to add color, so check back!

     Barb So did a second sketch of the elephant planter from Cathy’s, then did today’s sketch on a pre-stamped/spattered page – perfect to hint at the windy day blowing dust and pollen around!

     Penny M finished her bird watercolor sketch before she turned to  the kindergarten kids’ scavenger hunt by the goats & the tractor.

      Bev sketched the lily pond, Daisy some treats just purchased, and Jane some produce from the market. What wonderful items!

      Marnie did an outstanding job of sketching the cluster of tomatoes.

     Lealan got to sample a bakery item from the store (yum!), while her friend Penny J got started on the farm scene in front of her.

     Then Lealan turned around to sketch the kindergarten kids and their chaperones eating lunch before their scavenger hunt. Fun for all!

Sketching at the Farm

Thistledown Farm, Junction City, OR

Behind the produce building, there is a wonderful courtyard, with hot houses to the left, and farm animals across the covered bridge.

       Marsha and Lealan, Bev, and Ken – lots to sketch, oh boy!

      Ken was sketching the covered bridge, then got into the poppies.

        Barb Sh was eager to share her sketches from a recent river trip with her sister (also a sketcher) in Europe – what an adventure!

        Marsha loved doing the poppies, enjoying the wonderful lines of the flower pods. What a glorious day to be sketching them.

       Bev was sorry she didn’t have her watercolors, but she made the markers work, and even used chalks in her last sketch! Way to go.

      Speaking of markers, Lealan said she thinks she’s getting the hang of them, and looking at this, I’d certainly agree with her!

      Jane said she was really feeling scattered, but she did a bunch of little sketches, using the last one for her daily gratitude sketch.

       Daisy found interesting things to draw inside the hot houses, but ended up in the courtyard with…the poppies, of course!


Meanwhile, Erik was recapturing a memory he had of the sun in the morning mist – “Does it work?”, he said. Wow, does it ever!