Market Sketching with a Variety of Tools

Tuesday Farmers Market, Eugene, OR

  The line-up: Hugh, Sandy, Jim, Jane & Bill; Marsha, Bev & Laura.

     Hugh was doing across the gutter 2 page sketching, using the water soluble wax crayons in his handy set up box – he got a lot done!

     Sandy did a 2 page spread, too, but used a water brush with her travel watercolor palette. She got such a rich vibrant scene.

      Jim started with light pencil before inking. Then he used some random neon markers he had on hand, perfect for tie-dye t-shirts!

      Jane was determined to conquer the tent line, using a two-color toned paper spread and gel pens. Different tools needed, she said!

      Bill had lots going on – a quick people sketch, a fern leaf impression, and a scene from a Western movie with people at the bar. Wow.

      Marsha decided that black ink was just too harsh, so she was sketching with a Copic pen with wine colored ink – nice effect!

      Laura agreed with Marsha, and used PINK ink to sketch, then added colored pencil to her scene and the pink ink quietly disappeared.

        Bev moved over with Daisy – here are Bev’s sketches, done with Pitt marker pens, which are not water soluble making sharp definitions.

        Daisy started with a pen contour drawing, then went to watercolor. Barb So joined the gals, doing a combo ink and watercolor sketch.

       Bitty was around the corner doing wet on wet on cold press paper. Then she changed to hot press paper for a very different effect!

      Here’s Tricia tucked away in another corner – look at the size of that brush, doing very loose watercolor, with added narrative text.


A Market with Something for Everybody

Tuesday Farmers Market, Eugene, OR

   We were all over the place! Marcia, Barb Sh, Hugh, Katie, Daisy; Bitty, Lealan, Hugh, Sandy, Danita, Bev, Katie, Daisy.

     Daisy said, “Shopping first!” But then she joined in sketching with her pals – Marcia & Barb Sh.

.      Lealan was of the “shop first” belief, too, then turned around and sketched the shopping scene.

      Marcia found plenty of people to sketch – delightful images!

      Barb Sh did a fun combination of a person reaching for veggies.

          Daisy started out with the green challenge of veggies, then want on to sketch some of the sketchers (always a ready source of models).

      Bitty brought her folding stool so she had more flexibility in sketch views – here a garden market with truck, then bicycle for two.

      Katie’s pushing variation in her frame format – will it work?  YES!

          After an aborted attempt at drawing a “skyline” of tent tops, Jane reverted to using the frame format. Ahhhh, much more manageable.

      Hugh zeroed in on a booth selling fruit – wonderful lively scene.

      Bev sketched a tie dyed clothing booth, and the people everywhere.

      Sandy saw the clothing booth from a different angle, and cat toys!

      Danita has that newly retired look, and enjoyed prowling around the market capturing little scenes of goodies all around.

Back Sketching at Cortesia

Cortesia Sanctuary, Eugene, OR

              We’re back exploring and sketching at Cortesia, while the resident cat keeps us under close supervision.

  Here’s nearly all of us, with the last person the variable: Bev, Daisy, Marsha, Lealan, Jane, Tricia – next photo Bill. The cat didn’t do pics.

   Liz left early so didn’t get in the group photo. Here’s what she was sketching, which also eluded photography in the bottom group shot.

      Bev was sketching the cabin door decor, then another scene caught her eye. Interesting use of negative space for dimension. It pops!

      Daisy courageously took on sketching a mosaic mirrored tile ball – how to do it, was the challenge. And it turned out well, too.

   Marcia was fascinated with all the plants in pots on the different levels of the deck in front of her – line drawing very nicely done

     Lealan is still having a great time using Tombow markers. They were certainly fitting for the flow of layered colors all around her here.

      Jane says that when you just can’t figure out what to draw in a big scene, resort to the frames format and do small focus items!

   Bill started out with a portrait sketch, then began a design for his son’s birthday card – what’s a salmon look like, anyway? Great!

   Tricia, our host, found time to complete two sketches – what a delight for her to be able to share her sanctuary in different forms.

From the bottom left: Tricia, Tricia, Bev, Bill; top: Marcia, Daisy, Jane, and Lealan.  We thoroughly enjoyed being in this wonderful space!