Zoom #5 – Winter & Holiday Themes

Zooming from the comfort of our homes!

Marsha, Jane, Danita, Laura, Bev, Daisy, Barb So, Hugh, & Bitty.

             Daisy continues to add to her sketches of neighbor’s decorations.    

           Barb So stayed close to home with her sketches, including her dogs’ favorite new toy – a bright pink pig! Lovely sketches as always.

     Laura always makes felt ornaments for a group of friends who have gotten together at Christmas, & did a sketch of them this year, too.

      Jane does her small daily gratitude sketches on a 9″X 12″ detached sheets of paper, with varying success in sketch arrangement.

      Bitty did some sketching from a video demonstration about mushrooms, then showed us some evocative land & sea scapes.

     Danita continued to do documentation of the buildings on their property, and her husband Michael showed a sketch from his book in process tentatively called “Why Things Fall Down.”

        Marsha chose an old family favorite decoration to sketch; Hugh the old county courthouse; Sandy tried a new perspective for tea break.

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