TDs Discover New (to us) Park to Sketch

Maurie Jacobs Park, Eugene, OR

Talk about social distance! Katie, Laura, Marsha, Peggy, Sandy, Hugh (& Jane behind the camera).

       Katie likes her triangle seat chair. She finished up a sketch started at Tugman Park, then started to capture a scene in her neighborhood.

      Laura picked one of the huge trees to sketch – take a look at the details. What else can you see ? What a clever hand she has.

      Back to the colored pencils for Marsha – a different tree from Laura’s, and …. that’s Laura! (tip: a photo keeps the model still)

    Peggy sketched the trees, too, but with a loose watercolor brush, rather than ink or colored pencils. Different effects in all of them.

      Here you can see Sandy setting up her drawing table on a tripod. She started with a loose watercolor, then pen & watercolor for people.

      The only ink that touched Jane’s page was for the frames & heading! Watercolor only sketching is different for her – recognize anybody?

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