Lot of Trees (& Geese) to Sketch Here!

Maurie Jacobs Park, Eugene, OR

The early bird sketchers: Peggy, Jim, Marsha, Katie, Bitty, & Barb Sh.

      Peggy really got into the trees – forms, color, texture.  Well done.

      Nice to have Bitty back. She sketched trees…and Peggy!

      Interesting to see how Hugh started with a line drawing, then color!

      Here are Hugh & Sandy, saying “I may not sketch today.”  But she did.

      Laura & Barb So chat, then Laura gets to work – trees and…

      Marsha went down to the bridge to sketch, & got geese, too. Nice!

      Barb So came across the bridge, hence: trees, people, geese!

      And what’s Barb Sh up to? Geese, geese, and , more geese!

      Jane discovered the frustration of sketching in the shade – green?

      Back from a trip, Jim chose the play equipment, all in context, too.

      Katie was determined to finish last week’s sketch – a house snuck in!

We’re just naturally curious to see each other’s work – Jim, Marsha, Katie, Peggy, Barb So, Sandy, Hugh.

      Marsha, Barb So; Hugh, Laura, Sandy; Jim, Sandy, Hugh, Katie & bike.

     Treat for viewing this far, a Tutti snuggle with Laura & Marsha.