Henry Poses Amidst the Red Umbrellas

Marché Café, Jordan Schnitzer Art Museum, UO Campus

Even though the red umbrellas cast a ruddy color on our paper, we were grateful for the shade in the sunny courtyard, as well as for Henry the Pug, who cheerfully posed for us:

ErikSandyHenry Sandy and Erik look on as Henry’s owner enjoys his morning coffee.

Sandy-Henry-1    SandyHenry-2Sandy does several preliminary sketches of the dog, then gives herself a break by sketching Erik, and then Henry comes to life!

AnneSatoko    Satoko-dog+Anne Teigen found another dog in the courtyard to draw, and Satoko Motouji started sketching people as well as the dog Henry.

Anne-Henry     JaneHenryAnne said she was looking for painting inspiration in her sketch; Jane was just happy to get that curly tail and pug nose captured.

Tricia-1     Tricia-HenryTricia starts with the dog owner, and then sketches Henry in several doggy poses – he is a cutie, for sure!

P & S       P - testPenelope shows Satoko her new sketchbook – but will the ink bleed? NO! Oh boy, another sketching tool to add to the collection!

Penelope-1       Barry's-Jane's PagePenelope shows the sketch she did in a colorful garden, and Jane shows her “completed” sketch page from last week at Barry’s.

Pene-class   Pene-class2Penelope shared information about the upcoming class she’s teaching at Oregon Art Supply – yay for encouraging sketching!

ErikAlex   Erik   AlexMeanwhile, what are Erik & Jane’s grandson Alex up to? Erik is fascinated by the sculpture across the courtyard in the bamboo, and Alex is fascinated by doing Erik’s name in calligraphy!

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