Sketching in the Sun – Sweet!

Oakway Mall Courtyard, Eugene, OR

AllHard to believe that a morning which started out at 51 degrees could turn out to be so hospitable! We all loved being here!

Satoko-1     Erik-1     Erik-SatokoSatoko and Erik completed their inital sketches quickly, and moved on to the next sketch. What an inspirational duo!

Tricia-1        Tricia-2Tricia and Satoko have a conversation while the rest sketch, but they were quickly back at their sketchbooks. Tricia’s results are below:Tricia-3

BarbA-1     BarbA-2Barb A started an earlier dance class, so she could be here the whole time, much to our pleasure – love her painterly sketch.

Jane-1    Jane-2    Jane-3Jane started out by drawing the duck at Chapala’s to test her ink pen on a new sketchbook (Pentalic “Nature Sketch”), then surprised us by doing a portrait of Barb A – nailed those colors.

Jan-BarbSN-1        Jan-2Jan and Barb S-N enjoyed a lively conversation, but that didn’t stop Jan from letting her tree sketch grow across her page.

BarbSN-2       Jan-BarbSN-A-KenAnd while Barb S-N was concentrating on architecture – look who was spotted across the courtyard making telephone calls about Italy.

Ken-1      Ken-2Ken quickly makes up for lost sketching time, going dark & adding definition. The session ends with Ken showing his accordion book.Ken-3